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  • Pima County Living Wage Requirement

    On January 8, 2002, the Board of Supervisors of Pima County passed, adopted and approved Ordinance No. 2002-1 amending Chapter 11 of the Pima County Code to add Section 11.38 to provide for the inclusion of a living wage requirement in County contracts for specific services utilized by County government.

    The Ordinance states that it is beneficial to the health and welfare of all inhabitants of Pima County that workers are paid a wage that enables them to live above the poverty level, otherwise known as a “living wage”; and

    The County awards many contracts to employers to provide services to the County government; and

    Many employees are contracted County service providers, and their families live at or below poverty level; and

    The payment of County funds to promote the creation of a living wage will increase the ability of these employees to attain sustenance, decrease the amount of poverty, thereby reducing the amount of taxpayer-funded social services in Pima County; and

    Many contracted County service providers do not provide health insurance to their employees, which impacts performance and absenteeism and which may be addressed by having employers provide reasonable health insurance to their employees; and

    A County policy providing for a living wage is consistent with other programs operated by the County to meet the employment and economic development needs of low wage workers and will improve or enhance the economic welfare of inhabitants of Pima County.

    See Pima County Procurement Code, Title 11, Chapter 11.38 for conditions of use, eligible contract, covered services, eligible employee, wages, compliance, records and reporting:


    The current living wage rate for the 2023 calendar year is:

    • $15.20 per hour for employees who do not receive benefits; and
    • $13.85 per hour with $1.35 in benefits for those employees who do receive benefits.
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