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  • FY 2023/24 Working Budget Drafts

    FY 23/24 Working Budget Drafts

    This page includes drafts of FY 2023/24 budget information entered into the Pima County Planning and Budgeting System (PB).

    The linked files present raw 2023/24 Pima County departmental budget submissions.  The County Administrator and the Budget Division of the Finance & Risk Management Department utilize these departmental budget submissions to develop the Recommended Budget that will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors at the end of April 2023.

    The information as presented, is a picture of proposed budgets and supporting data as of a particular date.  As the County moves through the budget process, this information may be updated and changed based upon further information from the departments, newly identified budget costs or revenues and other adjustments.

    Please note, that until the County Budget is submitted to the Board of Supervisors in April, all information contained in these reports is considered preliminary draft information and is subject to review and change.

    Reports will be updated on a weekly basis.  For your convenience, the reports are in both PDF and Excel formats.  The Excel files on the Object and Unit Reports tab are identical, both contain object and unit level information.  For an explanation of terms, see the glossary of terms and acronyms page.

    Summary by Object Reports

    Detail Line Item by the Unit Reports (including jurisdiction)

    Positions by Unit