Industrial Wastewater

Discharging Industrial Waste into Building Sewers

Discharging into Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD) public sewer

For purposes of Industrial Wastewater Permitting, wastewater activities are categorized as either industrial or domestic based on the type of wastewater the facility discharges. The wastewater conveyance and treatment system are designed to treat domestic wastewater from dwellings, business buildings, institutions, and the like, commonly referred to as sanitary wastewater or sewage. The strength and characteristics of this wastewater is what would typically come from a single family residence. All other wastewater that is not defined as domestic wastewater is considered industrial wastewater. Sources of industrial wastewater include large and small facilities with activities such as manufacturing and commercial businesses that discharge wastewater not considered domestic. Typically industrial wastewater contains higher strengths and different constituents than is typical from a home. Approval to discharge industrial wastewater is demonstrated by the issuance of an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit.

Discharging into the Ajo Improvement Co. public sewer

For information regarding discharging into the Ajo Improvement sewer, please call (520) 387-7151

Discharging into a septic system

Arizona Administrative Code, Title 18, Chapter 9, Section A309.A.7 addresses requirements for non-typical sewage discharged to an onsite wastewater treatment system as follows:
R18-9-A309. General Provisions for On-site Wastewater Treatment Facilities
A. General requirements and prohibitions.
7. A person shall operate the permitted on-site wastewater treatment facility so that:
a. Flows to the facility consist of typical sewage and do not include any motor oil, gasoline, paint, varnish, solvent, pesticide, fertilizer, or other material not generally associated with toilet flushing, food preparation, laundry, or personal hygiene;
b. Flows to the facility from commercial operations do not contain hazardous wastes as defined under A.R.S. § 49921(5) or hazardous substances;
c. If the sewage contains a component of nonresidential flow such as food preparation, laundry service, or other source, the sewage is adequately pretreated by an interceptor that complies with R18-9-A315 or another device authorized by a general permit or approved by the Department under R18-9-A312(G);
d. Except as provided in subsection (A)(7)(c), a sewage flow that does not meet the numerical levels for typical sewage is adequately pretreated to meet the numerical levels before entry into an on-site wastewater treatment facility authorized by this Article;
e. Flow to the facility does not exceed the design flow specified in the Discharge Authorization;
f. The facility does not create an unsanitary condition or environmental nuisance, or cause or contribute to a violation of either an Aquifer Water Quality Standard or a Surface Water Quality Standard; and
g. Activities at the site do not adversely affect the operation of the facility.

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