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Zoom to Latitude/Longitude on a MapGuide Map

Pima County Geographic Information Systems - View Data Layers- Zoom to Latitude/Longitude..

You can use this page zoom to a map or to convert between decimal degrees and degrees/minutes/seconds formats. Different degree formats: Resolutions and conversions explains more for those with technical interest. This page uses negative degree values to indicate South latitude and West longitude.

Internet Explorer users on Windows can also use these functions within MapGuide by selecting the "Zoom to Lat/Lon" tool in the "Map Tools & Map Info." drop-down list box at the top of the map.

Pima County is approximately within 31.4 to 32.6 degrees latitude and -113.4 to -110.4 degrees longitude. Arizona is approximately within 31.3 to 38 degrees latitude and -116 to -108 degrees longitude. Zooming outside of mapped areas may show a blank map.


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Zoom using decimal degrees

Latitude      Longitude     Zoom width (feet)
The sample values are for 201 N. Stone Ave, Tucson.