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  • Administrative Procedures Manual

    A. Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    B. General Provisions

    1. Administrative Procedure Manual Maintenance

    C. Elected Officials

    1. Assessor

    2. Board of Supervisors

    D. Administration

    3. County Administrator

    3-1 Organization Planning and Control
    3-2 Requests for Budget Changes
    3-3 Holiday Festivities
    3-4 Tobacco Free Environment In The County Workplace
    3-5 Requests for Legal Opinions/Memoranda
    3-6 Interdepartmental Construction Review
    3-7 County Administrator Responsibility; Follow-up Agenda Items
    3-8 Notification to Board of Supervisors of Public Meetings to be Held in Their District
    3-10 Pima County Employee Council
    3-13 Email - Official Pima County Announcements
    3-14 Website Content Governance and Operating Procedure
    3-15 Printing Procedures / Utilization of Graphic Services Department
    3-16 Implementation of the Pima County Public Art Program
    3-17 Release and Audit of Unofficial Election Results [ARS §§ 16-551, 16-622]
    3-18 Failure to Receive Initial Clearance on Criminal Background Checks
    3-19 County Employees - Gifts
    3-20 Parental Leave
    3-21 Compensatory Time
    3-22 Pima County Professional Internship Programs
    3-23 Internal Audit
    3-24 Naming of Facilities and Programs
    3-25 Domestic Partnership Affidavits
    3-26 County Employees - Conflict of Interest
    3-27 Food and Beverage Purchases
    3-28 Implementation of the Project Management Manual and Exit Gate Process
    3-29 Recycled Paper Purchasing Policy
    3-31 Pima County Social Media Procedure
    3-32 Licensing Time Frames
    3-33 Telecommuting
    3-34 Multilingual Compensation
    3-35 Face Masks for Employees as Well as Members of the Public Accessing County Facilities

    4. Clerk of the Board

    4-1 Board of Supervisors Agenda/ Addendum Procedure
    4-2 Joint Board, Committee and Commission Appointments (County/City)
    4-3 Receipt of Subpoenas and Complaints
    4-4 Public Record Requests and Cost Recovery for the Release of Public Data   
    4-5 Records Management Program
    4-6 Petitions Redeem Property Tax Exemption Waivers
    4-7 Compromising Taxes, Interest and Penalties

    5. Grants Management and Innovation

    5-1  Grant Application Approval
    5-2  DUNS Numbers and Grant Platform User Accounts
    5-3  Subrecipient and Contractor Determinations
    5-4  Post-Award Grants Management

    6. County Attorney

    7. Recorder

    8. Sheriff

    8-1 Loss of Monies and Property

    9. Presiding Judge of the Superior Court

    10. Clerk of the Superior Court

    11. Constables

    12. Justice Courts

    13. Juvenile Court

    14. Courts Administration

    15. Superintendent of Schools

    16. Treasurer

    16-2 Fee For Checks Returned For Insufficient Funds (NSF)
    16-3 Procedure For Use Of Credit Card As Payment

    17. Reserved

    18. Reserved

    19. Reserved

    20. Elections

    21. Analytics and Data Governance

    22. Finance and Budget

    22-1 Business Travel
    22-2 Reimbursement of Membership Fees for Employees’ Professional Activities
    22-3 Petty Cash and Change Funds
    22-5 Cash Handling Procedures
    22-6 Supplies Inventory Accounting
    22-7 Departmental Bank Account Procedures
    22-8 Capital Assets
    22-9 Duplicate Warrants
    22-10 Employee vs Independent Contractor
    22-12 Reimbursement of Advisory Board Meeting Expenses
    22-14 Automatic Charge Outs Via ADP
    22-16 Time Worked Record
    22-18  Paycheck Errors and Corrections
    22-21 Payroll and Warrant Distribution
    22-23 Prepayments
    22-24 Payroll Overpayments
    22-27 Submission of Invoices to the Finance Department
    22-30 Mail - Delivery, Pickup and Processing
    22-31 Model Invoices
    22-32 Personal Use of County Vehicles
    22-33 Wage Assignments
    22-35 Payments Processing 
    22-38 Asset Tagging
    22-40 Financial Controls in the Event of an Emergency 
    22-50 Non-Capitalized Property Management (Stewardship)
    22-59 Delegation of Authority
    22-70 Pima County Credit References and Applications
    22-71 Improvement Districts
    22-72 Cost Recovery for Credit and Debit Card Processing
    22-73 Community Facilities Districts
    22-74 Judgments
    22-75 Accounts Receivable
    22-76 Capturing Costs of Software Projects
    22-79 Interest Expense and Revenue Allocation for Grants
    22-81 Personnel Services - Operating Budget Adjustments  
    22-82 Non-Personnel Operating Budget Adjustments 
    22-83 Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline Procedures

    23. Human Resources

    23-1 Employment Rights Investigations
    23-2 Discrimination Claims Filed with Outside Agencies
    23-3 New Employee Onboarding and Supervisor Training Programs
    23-4 Leave of Absence -- Insurance Procedures
    23-5 Service Award Program
    23-6 COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
    23-7 Bus Pass Subsidy Program
    23-8 Long Term Disability (LTD) Program
    23-9 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    23-10 Deferred Compensation Program
    23-11 New Classification Request / Authorization
    23-12 Employment Verifications and Reference Checks
    23-13 Documentation of Disciplinary and Other Personnel Actions
    23-14 New Hire, Promotion, Step Adjustment and Termination PAFS
    23-15 County Directives 
    23-16 Access to Official Personnel and Insurance Files
    23-17 Loyalty Oath
    23-18 Trainee Program
    23-19 Identification Cards
    23-20 Procedures for Hiring Non-Immigrants into Specialty Occupations
    23-21 Sealed Document in the Official Personnel File
    23-22 Health and Life Insurance Enrollment Process
    23-24 Short Term Disability Benefit 
    23-25 Handling Requests for Transcripts or Other Documents Produced by Outside Entities
    23-26 Recruitment/Selection Procedures and Interview Panels
    23-27 Request for Salary Studies for Individual Employees, Classifications, or Groups
    of Classifications

    23-28 ADA Medical Records Disposition
    23-29 Reasonable Accommodation of Applicants and Employees with Disabilities 
    23-30 Employee Benefits and Wellness Program "BeWell"
    23-31 Minimum Hiring Age
    23-32 Meet and Confer Process
    23-33 Employee Separations
    23-34 Pre-Employment Background Screening and Mandatory Reporting of Employee Arrests, Pending Charges, & Convictions
    23-36 Employee Group Fundraisers
    23-37 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave
    23-38 Leave Administration
    23-39 Verification of an Employee's Eligibility to Work
    23-40 FLSA and Work Time
    23-41 Holiday Pay
    23-42 Unclassified Employment Terms and Conditions
    23-43 Procedures for Medical Documents and Files after an Employee Terminates
    23-44 Resolution Not to Assume the Administrative Functions Regarding Individual Group Health & Accident Coverage
    23-45 Investigation of Unpaid Wages 
    23-47 Designated Department Roles in County's Applicant Tracking System  
    23-48 Request to Reallocate Vacant Positions
    23-49 Changes to Minimum Qualifications, Licensure and/or Certification Requirements for Position Classification Specification
    23-50 Law Enforcement and Corrections Academy Trainee Programs 
    23-51 Traumatic Event Counseling for Peace Officers 
    23-52 Traumatic Event Counseling for Public Safety Employee
    23-53 Flexible Work Schedule
    23-56 Relocation Assistance
    23-55 COVID-19 Vaccinations
    23-57 Alternative Work Schedules
    23-58 Education Reimbursement Program
    23-59 COVID-19 Positive Test Reporting
    23-60 Employee Referral Incentive Program

    24. IMAGIN

    25. Indigent Legal

    26. Legal Defender

    27. Information Technology

    27-1 Mobile Devices
    27-2 IT Hardware & Software Purchases
    27-3 Internet and Computer Network Security Procedure
    27-4 Information Technology Program
    27-5 Electronic Mail (Email) Governance 
    27-8 Information Technology Project Management and System Engineering
    27-10 County Administrator IT Environment Access Control

    28. Public Defender

    29. Purchasing

    30. Risk Management

    30-1 Hazardous Communication Program
    30-3 Respiratory Protection Program
    30-4 Permit Required Confined Space
    30-5 Lockout/Tagout
    30-7 Hearing Conservation Program
    30-8 Personal Protective Equipment
    30-9 Commercial Drivers License Drug Testing
    30-10 Emergency Spill Response
    30-11 Vehicle Use and Accident Reporting
    30-13 Drug Free Workplace
    30-14 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
    30-15 Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan
    30-16 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
    30-18 Automated External Defibrillator Program (AED)
    30-19 Special Medical Evaluations
    30-21 Requesting a Certificate of Insurance
    30-22 Access To the Pima County Risk Management Online Learning Source
    30-24 Workers' Compensation
    30-25 Workers' Compensation—Return to Work
    30-26 Facility Emergency Action Plan
    30-27 Facility Evacuation Procedures
    30-28 Vandalism and Theft of Pima County Property
    30-29 Safety Shoe and Safety Eye-wear Voucher Programs
    30-31 Driver Qualification and Authorization
    30-33 Driver Safety Committee

    31. Reserved

    32. Reserved

    33. Reserved

    34. Reserved

    34-1 Protection of Cultural Resources, Review and Compliance

    35. Reserved

    E. Health/Community Services

    36. Community Services

    37. Health/Animal Control

    38. Kino Community Hospital

    39. Medical Assistance

    40. Medical Examiner

    41. Pima Health System

    42. Pima Long Term Care Services

    43. Public Fiduciary

    44. Reserved

    45. Reserved

    46. Reserved

    47. Reserved

    48. Reserved

    F. Public Works

    49. Fleet Services

    49-1 Use of Motor Pool Vehicles
    49-2 Fleet Asset Management
    49-3 Fuel Access
    49-4 Vehicle Anti- Idling
    49-5 Electric Vehicle Adoption
    49-6 County Vehicle Marking Procedure
    49-8 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in Pima County Vehicles 
    49-9 Window Tinting on County Equipment
    49-10 Electric Vehicle Charging
    49-12 Take Home Vehicle Tracking & Reporting

    50. Environmental Quality

    50-1 Guaranteed Ride Home Program
    50-2 Pima County Homeless Encampment Protocol

    51. Facilities Management

    51-1 Lease of Real Property
    51-2 Parking
    51-3 Plant Materials Salvage and Selection for Pima County 
    51-4 Pima County Furniture and Facility Related Acquisitions
    51-5 Commercial Use of County Facilities

    52. Parks and Recreation

    53. Planning and Development

    54. Transportation and Flood Control District

    54-1 Neighborhood Traffic Management Program
    54-2 Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property
    54-5 Pima County's Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) Program
    54-6 Enforcement Procedures for Temporary Signs in County Rights-of Way

    55. Wastewater Management

    56. Reserved

    57. Reserved

    58. Reserved

    59. Reserved

    G. Cross Reference

    Cross Reference

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