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  • Environmental Quality Advisory Council

    Notices, Agendas and other information 

    : To advise and consult with the Board of Supervisors, Department of Environmental Services Director and staff, in administering environmental quality matters.

    AUTHORIZATION:  A.R.S. §49-477 and  Pima County Code, Section 17.04.110 et seq.

    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: 10 members knowledgeable in the field of environmental protection including air pollution and its control, water quality protection and solid waste/hazardous materials management, with 1 member from each of the following fields or range of fields:

    • General business/industry including manufacturing, real estate, tourism or development
    • Mining industry or utilities
    • Automotive industry or small business
    • Consumer protection or public or environmental interest
    • Environmental conservation or resource management
    • Science or engineering
    • Health or education
    • Transportation and land use planning
    • Hydrology, water resources or waste management
    • Environmental planning or environmental law

    No member may hold a government position with any incorporated city or town in Pima County or with Pima County.

    Members shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors from lists of qualified candidates nominated by the Board of Supervisors, various professional or community organizations representative of the indicated fields, or other governmental entities within Pima County.  The Board of Supervisors shall fill each vacancy within three months of the effective date of the vacancy. 

      Member Office Term Expiration
      1  Robert Hobbs
     Automotive Business/Industry
      February 20, 2026
      2  Garth Bowers
      March 31, 2023
      3  VACANT (John Kozma)
      October 17, 2022
      4  Eric Betterton, Ph.D.
     Environmental Planning/Law Health/Education
    Chair December 31, 2023
      5  Leah Proffitt
     General Business/Industry
      September 5, 2025
      6  Paloma Beamer
      August 31, 2024
      7  Megan Garvey
     Mining Industry or Utilities
    December 31, 2023
      8  VACANT (Katie B. Gannon)
     Public/Environmental Interest
      July 31, 2022
      9  VACANT (Kylie Walzak)
     Transportation Planning
      September 30, 2022
    10   Leslie T. Katz
     Water Resources
     Vice-Chair  October 17, 2025
    *Loyalty Oath Pending

    APPOINTMENT TERM:  3 year staggered terms/serve until reappointed or replaced

      At least quarterly

    2:00 p.m., 
    1st Tuesday of the month.

    March 2023

    Council Coordinator

    Fatima Munoz
    Dept. of Environmental Quality
    (520) 724-7453

    Location of Meetings

    Dept. of Environmental Quality
    PDEQ Conference Room
    33 N. Stone Ave., Suite 700
    Tucson, AZ  85701