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  • Merit System Commission and Law Enforcement Merit System Council

    Notices, Agendas and other information 

    MISSION: To advise on administrative rules and hear employee appeals relating to Merit System Commission and Law Enforcement Merit Council rules.

    AUTHORIZATION:  A.R.S. §11-351 et seq. and Pima County Code Chapter 2.24

    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: 5 members, 1 appointed from each Supervisoral District who are electors of the County. No more than 3 shall be from the same political party.

    Political Party
    Office District Term Expiration
    1  Joseph Shelley

    1 December 31, 2024
    2  Sami Hamed
    2 March 15, 2025
    3  David Freund
    Vice-Chair 3 December 31, 2024
    4  Michael Hellon
    Chair 4 December 31, 2025
    5  Paul Rubin

    5 December 31, 2024
    *Loyalty Oath Pending

    APPOINTMENT TERM:  4 year term

    NUMBER OF MEETINGS PER YEAR:  12 (or as needed)

    STANDARD MEETING TIME/DAY:  Determined by the Commission/Council and/or Coordinator

    October 2022
    Commission/Council Coordinator

    Trina Bergen
    Human Resources Dept.
    (520) 724-2719

    Location of Meetings

    Confirm meeting location on the corresponding agenda