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  • Outdoor Lighting Code Committee (County/City)

    Notices, Agendas and other information

      To review and recommend amendments to the Outdoor Lighting Code.

    AUTHORIZATION:  A.R.S. §11-862, Resolution No. 2011-195 (prior Resolution No. 2006-92 and Resolution No. 1988-17.)

    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION:  7 members jointly appointed by the County/City meeting the requirements of A.R.S. §11-862 and representative of the construction industry as follows:   a professional electrical engineer registered in the State of Arizona; an Arizona registered contractor; an astronomy representative; a dark sky advocate; a lighting design representative; a business community representative; and a member representing the public.

      Member Officer Term Expiration
     1  VACANT
     Building Engineer
     2  VACANT
     Electrical Engineer
     3  VACANT
     Engineer Consultant
     4  VACANT (Sharon Bonesteel)
     General Business Representative
     5  Amy Oliver
     Astronomy Representative
      October 18, 2025
     6  John Jolly
     Lighting Design Representative
      June 4, 2022
     7  Hyman Kaplan
     Electrical Engineer
     Chair September 4, 2022
       8  Jason Lopez
     Licensed Contractor
      June 4, 2022
       9  Dennis Coon
     Electrical Engineer
      September 4, 2022
     10  Craig R. Barron
     Public Representative
      September 4, 2022
     11  VACANT(Carlet Castro)
     Utility Company Representative
      September 15, 2012
     12  Buell T. Jannuzi
     Astronomy Representative
      September 4, 2022

    *Loyalty Oath Pending

    :  4 year term

    NUMBER OF MEETINGS PER YEAR:  Code review for new codes adoption shall be held at regular meetings, held not less than monthly during code review, and at least annually thereafter.

    STANDARD MEETING TIME/DAY:  To be determined

    January 2022

    Committee Coordinator

    City of Tucson
    Development Services Dept.
    (520) 837-4515

    Location of Meetings

    Public Works Building
    201 N. Stone Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85701