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  • Self-Insurance Trust Fund Board

    Notices, Agendas and other information

    MISSION: To administer Pima County's Loss Trust Fund (Self-Insurance Program) and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Supervisors in regards to the Fund.

    AUTHORIZATION: A.R.S. §11-981 and Resolution No. 1987-175; Board Bylaws/Rules/Procedures.

    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: 7 Trustees: The Board of Supervisors shall appoint 7 trustees, of whom no more than 1 may be a member of the Board, and no more than 1 other may be an employee of the County.

    Member Office Employment Term Expiration                
    1  Drew Palmer Investment Officer/Financial Advisor,
    DSP Group, L.L.C.
    December 31, 2024
    2  VACANT (Jeff Gould)   Attorney,
    Jeff GOULD Law
    December 31, 2020
    3  Miguel O. Delgado Chair Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management and Safety,
    University of Arizona
    December 31, 2024
    4  Kenneth Kmak   Risk Manager,
    Sunnyside Unified School District
    December 31, 2024
    5  VACANT (Mark Van Ert)   Environmental and Occupational Health Specialist,
    Mark Van Ert, PhD, CIH
    December 31, 2020
    6  Ellen Moulton   Finance and Risk Management Director,
    Pima County
    December 31, 2024
    7  VACANT (Mark Dworschak)   Financial Officer, Risk Management,
    Pima College
    December 31, 2020
    *Loyalty Oath Pending

    APPOINTMENT TERM: The 7 members are to serve at the discretion of the Board for terms that expire at the same time as the elective term of the County Supervisors.

    NUMBER OF MEETINGS PER YEAR: 1 per year required; currently held annually

    STANDARD MEETING TIME/DAY:  1:00 p.m., October

    November 2022
    Board Coordinator

    Mary Kelso
    Finance and Risk Management
    (520) 724-3831

    Location of Meetings

    97 E. Congress Street, 3rd Floor
    Tucson, AZ 85701