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The Imagery Basemap has been disabled on PimaMaps as of 3/29/17.  Imagery at the zoomed in scales in the Grey Canvas, Street and Topography Basemaps has also been disabled and will now appear white when zoomed in. To view Imagery at all scales, please turn on the "Latest Orthophoto Imagery" checkbox in the Layers panel.

The current version of PimaMaps provides a viewer/user-interface that is compatible with most devices and browsers, except for some older versions such as IE8.

Items of interest regarding the current viewer include -
  • PimaMaps has a context-sensitive user interface, in that the user can get assistance by interacting with the application , e.g. hovering over or activating map tools and controls displays instructions at the bottom of the map.
  • Map tips appear by single-clicking on map features instead of hovering over them.
  • Linked maps can be added which provide corresponding map content from other sources, e.g. Pictometry, Google Street View, and Google Maps.
  • Upload data, add local data from .csv, .xlsx, .kml, .shp (provides geometry only), .gpx, or a .zip containing individual shapefile sets (provides geometry and attributes).
  • Feature snapping is available when using the measure and identify tools.
  • Measure tools have enhanced labels.
  • Query results can be saved for later use.
  • Query results can be and exported directly to .xlsx files.
  • Plotting coordinates has been enhanced so that you can edit, hide, or remove individual items.
  • Maps can be exported to the added formats GeoTiff and PDF.

Different functionality is based on whether the map is internal (accessible only by County staff) or publically available -

Function Internal Public
Share map via email, twitter, Google+, etc. No Yes
Sign in, e.g. automatic Active Directory authentication Yes No
Save the map as a project Yes No

Help and What's New


Feedback should continue to be provided through the help tools available in the viewer.

Getting Started

The PimaMaps new viewer is HTML based, which allows it to be used from all major browsers (including Safari) without need of a Plug-In or Add-on.  The new viewer will detect tablet or handheld devices and format the display accordingly.  Additional enhancements to the new viewer are expected over the coming months.

The legacy Silverlight viewer will remain available for existing maps for the near future.

For providing feedback, please use the "Contact Us" tool on the "Help and Custom Tools" toolbar tab or the "Send Feedback" option in the right-hand column on the PimaMaps entry page.

Training Videos

For old videos see the Legacy tab.

Pima Maps Main class  - This will replace our in-person training classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please continue to use the Feedback form for communications with the PimaMaps team, as well as the FAQs and Quick Start Guide.


Legacy Silverlight PimaMaps - Main

Silverlight Requirement

This map requires installation of Microsoft Silverlight. If the map does not display please install using the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Videos

Online Help
This video demonstrates navigating the table of contents and searching for specific topics for the PimaMaps Online Help system.

1m 1s
User Interface Overview
This video gives a brief introduction to the PimaMaps user interface. It will help users locate and get familiar with the multiple options available to them like searching, toolbars, map layers, scale bar and more.

1m 23s
Search for Map Features
This video covers how to do a general search in PimaMaps. The general search allows users to search for map features by owner name, street address, parcel id, and couple of other options.

1m 25s
Working with Map Layers
This video introduces users to how to work with map layers in PimaMaps. It explains the differences between operational and base map layers, searching for a layer in the table of contents, symbology, and layer transparency.

2m 12s
Working with Map Tips
This video demonstrates how Map Tips work in PimaMaps. Map Tips display basic information about map features as the user moves the mouse cursor over the map. User can also get more detailed information by using the tabs and links in the map tip popup.

2m 02s
Using the Measurement Tools
This video demonstrates how to use the measurement tools in PimaMaps. Use can measure lengths and areas on the map and adjust the units.

1m 53s
Save and Open a Project
This video steps a user through saving and opening a project in PimaMaps. Saving a project allows users to create a map session with certain layers displayed, graphics added, and other setting and then save it to a project file. The project file could also be emailed or shared with other users on a network.

1m 39s
Exporting a Map
This video demonstrates the map exporting options in PimaMaps. It explains exporting a map image and also how to include and use the georeference data option.

2m 24s
Printing a Map
This video demonstrates how to print a map in PimaMaps. It explains the print dialog and all the options.

1m 39s
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