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    Open burning is the burning of materials such as trees, brush, leaves, grass and other debris where smoke and other emissions are released directly into the air without passing through a chimney or stack. Air pollution from open burning can cause serious health problems, obscure visibility, or damage the environment. PDEQ regulates open burning to address these concerns. PDEQ rules require a permit for open burning, with the exception of campfires, barbeques, and small fires for warmth. Apply for an Open Burning Permit.

    Who needs an Open Burning Permit?

    Find out if your open burning requires a permit by reviewing the Pre-Application Guidance information. Some Fire Districts are delegated authority for Open Burning Permits within their districts, and a permit from PDEQ is not required. Additional information is available on these Fire Districts.

    How much does the permit cost?

    Permit fees depend on whether the open burning is residential or construction/agricultural. The cost of each permit was updated January 15, 2021 and can be determined from the Fee Schedule.

    How to apply for an Open Burning Permit

    If your open burning requires a permit, you can apply for the permit in person or by mail/fax. Payment may be cash, check or credit card. Apply for an Open Burning Permit.

    What are the Open Burning Rules and Requirements?

    Find out what is allowed by the Open Burning Rules, which are contained in Pima County Code Title 17. See the Open Burning Permit Requirements.


    Find answers to most Frequently Asked Questions concerning open burning.

    Report a Complaint

    If you are observing open burning which does not appear to be in accordance with the open burning rules, File a Complaint with PDEQ.
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