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  • Major Streets and Scenic Routes

    Major Streets Plan Map
    Major Streets Plan

    The Major Streets Plan is a map and an ordinance that establishes adequate future street widths along major streets for unincorporated Pima County.  New developed properties located adjacent to major streets are required to comply with the plan.  Future right-of-way widths vary from 80 feet wide for a typical collector street to 150 feet wide for a typical arterial street.  Click the map at right to view.

    Scenic Routes Plan Map
    Scenic Routes Plan

    The Scenic Routes Plan is a map and ordinance that establishes setbacks and other development regulations to preserve and enhance visual resources along designated roadways.  The intent of scenic routes are to protect property values and the character of neighborhoods; protect and enhance the unique character of a community, including vegetation, architecture and geology; protect and enhance the economic value of tourism; and protect natural resources.  The height and color of buildings and structures located within 200 feet of scenic routes are restricted.  Click the map at right to view.


    These maps show designated Pima County major streets and scenic routes for unincorporated Pima County. See the following Pima County Code zoning section and the main Pima County Code page for ordinances to be included in the next quarterly update of the published code.

    Major Streets and Scenic Routes (MSSR) Plan PimaMaps Map 

    Major Streets and Scenic Routes Plan PimaMaps Map 
    • Before using PimaMaps make sure to read the Disclaimer
    • For more information on PimaMaps, click on PimaMaps - Main.  Here you will find the Help section, and the Quick Start Guide for tips on how to use the application, plus FAQ
    • Begin, click on the hyperlink above to open the Major Streets and Scenic Routes Plan PimaMaps Map. 
    • A map will open with a panel on the left side of the screen, scroll to Streets Additional options, check box for PC Major Streets Plan, and PC Scenic Routes Plan, Zoom in for layer visibility.
    • Double-click on the white title bar above the map to open the toolbar, or click on the Wrench icon in the upper right corner of the map.
    • Use the mouse to navigate around the map, left click and hold mouse to move map in the direction desired and release.
    • Zoom in, use the wheel on the mouse, move the wheel downward to magnify map until you reach the specific section of road or desired view.
    • Zoom-out, move the wheel upward to reduce map image to desired view.
    • Hover over the desired PC Major Streets Plan or PC Scenic Routes Plan, click on it to select it, and a dialog box opens. 
    • Dialog box will open giving the PC Major Streets Plan or PC Scenic Routes Plan, street, type, with two hyperlinks: “View Additional Details” or "Edit Features".   
      • The hyperlinks will provide the following information:
        • View Additional Details will give additional information for the selected area or road. 
        • Edit Features option is not available. 
    • Any issues contact Maps and Records at (520) 724-6410.  
    • Go to the map hyperlink above to view.

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