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    Provide engineering related information that is available to the general public, private consultants and other governmental agencies through the Pima County Department of Transportation.  Reproduction of aerial photos, construction plans, maps and other related record sets are available for a nominal fee.

    Pima County PimaMaps is the map to use to obtain transportation related data. PimaMaps is the next generation web based mapping system, including viewer/user-interface that is compatible with most devices and browsers. Begin by reading the Disclaimer. This will enable you to view and use PimaMaps maps. Use the Quick Start Guide and FAQ link for PimaMaps. To view "PimaMaps-Main" map click on hyperlink below:

    Data Accessible Through PimaMaps:

    PimaMaps - Main

    (limited core data layers for streamlined performance)



    PimaMaps - Survey

    (Includes additional layers useful for survey and other professions that need more detailed information)

    Survey map

    Data Accessible Through PimaMaps and eDMS (eDocument Management System):

    Aerial Photo Lookup

    The Aerial Photo Lookup area directs you to the information page.  In aerial photo lookup application assists users in the research of hard-copy historical aerial photos, (these photos are not orthophotos).

    The Annexation section help the user  with document include ordinances, legal descriptions, plats, and maps that describe the annexations.



    Construction Plans and Maps

    The Construction Plans and Maps page has a map application, a document search application (eDMS) for the user to find information on Final Construction Built and notes, plan, and other related information.

    Construction Plan Map
    In this section it will cover paving, grading, and drainage plans for subdivisions and offsite improvements done in the past. Click on the link above to view this page. 


    Improvement District Plans

    Improvement District Plans are created by Pima County to provide specific improvements to constituents in a specific area.  Improvement Districts are formed when a group of property owners within Unincorporated Pima County (typically outside of an approved subdivision) want to improve their infrastructure (i.e. roads, sidewalks, street lighting, drainage, sewers, etc.).  For more information click on the link above. 

    Improvement District Plans PimaMaps MapImprovement District Plans - PimaMaps map


    This area gives information on infrastructure includes bridges, catchbasins, cattleguards, counterstations, culverts, stormdrains, stormdrain manholes, streetlights, guardrails, and sidewalks. Infrastructure is collected off of improvement plans and construction plans.

    Infrastructure PimaMaps map

    The Chuck Huckelberry Loop

    Pima County's Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department webpage The Loop is for Pima County residents and visitors can enjoy the more than 100 miles of shared-use paths that have been completed and ready to use on foot, bikes, skates, and horses. Here you will find an interactive map for the user to track down everything available along their selected path. 


    The Loop Interactive Map



    Major Streets and Scenic Routes

    Major Streets Plan Map

    The Major Streets Plan is a map and an ordinance that establishes adequate future street widths and setbacks along major streets for unincorporated Pima County.

    Scenic Routes Map

    The Scenic Routes Plan is a map and ordinance that establishes setbacks and other development regulations to preserve and enhance visual resources along designated roadways.

     Major Streets and Scenic Routes Plan PimaMaps Map
    Major Streets and Scenic Routes Plan PimaMaps map


    No-Fence Districts Map

    The Transportation No-Fence Districts takes the user to the map application showing the areas that are designated as No-Fence Districts PimaMaps Map, No-Fence Districts eDMS application, plus tips on how to use or search these applications. 

    No-Fence Districts PimaMaps - Transportation

    No Fence District Map

     Pavement Condition Index

    Unincorporated Pima County Pavement Ratings. A map showing PASER (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating System) which is a rating of the surface condition of pavement on a scale of  0 to 100, with 0 being a pavement in a failed condition and 100 being a pavement in excellent condition.


    Pima County Government Property Rights (PCGPR) Data Overview

    This area will have information on County owned right-of-way and easements for roads, drainage and utilities.

    PCGPR PimaMaps Map 
     PCGPR-PimaMaps map

    Railroad Crossing Documents

    This page opens to information on railroad crossing and associated documents.

    Railroad Crossing eDMS 
    Railroad Crossing eDMS

    Road Maps

    This application is maps associated with an established or abandoned road.

    Maps and documents created when a road is established or abandoned.

    Road Proceeding - PimaMaps-Survey map
    Road Proceedings


    Roads Accepted for Maintenance

    Approved applications requesting Pima County to accept roads for maintenance.


    Pima County Roadway System Map

    The Roadway System Map is the electronic version of the Pima County Atlas. The application takes the user to the search page, enter area of interest based upon criteria limits in order to display map.


    Section Corner Reference Sheets

    This page displays survey section corner reference sheet, and provides the user with options in searching for the data.

    Section Corner Reference Sheets PimaMaps Map
    Section Corner Reference Sheet Map

    Static OPUS Control Points

    Pima county Static OPUS Solution Control Points are random points proximal to section corners.  This page helps the user with operations of how to view or use the application.

    OPUS Control Points PimaMaps Map
    OPUS Control Points PimaMaps Map  

    Pima County Street Segment Search

    This page helps the user find Street Segment by Street Name or by Road ID.

    Street Segment Search
    Street Segment Search


    Temporary Closures

    Maps and documents created when a road is temporarily closed for maintenance.

    Temporary Road Closures eDMSTemporary Closures

    Approved development project drawings

    Site Development document search (subdivision plats, development concept, site construction, etc.).

    Sub-Division Plats - eDMS


    Volume Crash & Ordinance Data

    Traffic volume data for many streets, crash statistics for intersections and roadway segments, and traffic control ordinances such as speed limits, stop signs, and school crossings are available in the link above.


    Parcel Information Search 

    For parcel information connect to Pima County Assessor Advanced Search  linked in the image below.  The application allows the user to search for a parcel by using one of the eight options provided.  See the Pima County Assessor Parcel Search for official Assessor information. 


    Projects Under Design, Construction, or Completed

    An interactive map that allows the user to view DOT construction projects that are in design, under construction, and completed. 

     History of Pima County since establishment in 1864 

    an interactive map on the history of Pima County and the amazing people who contributed to the development of our roads and communities since our establishment in 1864.

    An interactive map on the history of Pima County and the amazing people who contributed to the development of our roads and communities since our establishment in 1864.

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