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  • Our Strategic Plan

    RWRD's updated five year Strategic Plan(FY 2014/15 - FY 2018/19) provides a guide to decision-making and resource management in pursuit if its organizational vision, mission and goals. It identifies, goals, and key performance indicators to drive success across six dimensions (pillars) of the organization and across three core business systems.

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    Employees Pillar sets the strategic direction for creating a positive work environment where employees can thrive. Internal staff training, communications, knowledge management, employee development, and teamwork are facets of the Employee Pillar.




    Our Goal
    To develop a collaborative, team-oriented workforce that is fully trained, fairly compensated, empowered, and accountable with clearly defined career paths for a changing work environment.
    The Compliance Pillar provides the strategic framework for achieving compliance with a complex array of regulatory requirements. Permitting, lab testing and analysis, and industrial wastewater control functions fall within the scope of this Pillar.




    Our Goal
    To ensure continuous compliance with regulatory requirements and participate in the dialogue of emerging regulatory issues.
    The Safety Pillar establishes the department-wide strategies, goals and standards for becoming a zero-accident safety culture.



    Our Goal
    To prevent accidents and injuries among employees, on-site contractors and visitors through the provision of safe facilities and equipment, standardized safety training, accountability, and safety performance measurement.
    The Customers Pillar seeks to advance customer satisfaction internally and externally. Proactive public engagement, communications and feedback are key strategies of this Pillar.




    Our Goal
    To enhance customer and stakeholder trust, confidence and service through timely, accessible and accurate information; while striving for a better understanding of stakeholder and customer needs; while improving processes.
    The Financial Pillar ensures fiscal responsibility to the public and rate payers. It provides strategic guidance for budget planning and management.

    Our Goal
    To maintain financial responsibility by ensuring allocated funding sources are adequate to meet expenses and available funds and resources are managed efficiently.
    The Sustainability Pillar establishes department-wide guidance for sustainability procedures and employee training on “green” workplace practices. Additionally, it provides strategic direction for major department and county-wide programs, such as Energy Management, Water Resources Management and Resource Recovery and Reuse.





    Our Goal
    To minimize chemical and energy consumption in operations, maximize use of renewable water and energy, and maximize resource recovery to benefit the environment and the community.

    Growth and Development

    This business system includes the construction and repair of infrastructure to serve existing and future customers, as well as growth planning in coordination with all regional jurisdictions.

    Our Goal
    Provide planning and engineering solutions to help ensure safe, efficient and sustainable water reclamation infrastructure for our customers.


    This business system includes the operations, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the sewer pipes, pumps, and manholes.

    Our Goal
    Provide quality service, pollution prevention, and public health and safety protection for current and future generations of Pima County residents. Enhance the sustainability of our community and our associated lifestyle through operations and maintenance of the Conveyance System.


    This business system includes the operations and maintenance of the wastewater reclamation facilities.

    Our Goal
    Provide clean and safe water for beneficial use in the reclaimed water cycle, generate biosolids products that can be beneficially utilized, and beneficially use a renewable gas product, while protecting the public health, safety and the environment, while also meeting all regulatory requirements mandated by state and federal agencies.
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