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    PDEQ offers free environmentally-related presentations, information and tips for a PDEQ Outreach Boothvariety of audiences including schools and youth groups, community groups, businesses, associations, agencies, and industries.

    We host, co-sponsor and attend community events and provide environmental information using hands-on exhibits to engage a wide variety of participants.

    PDEQ also operates the state-mandated Clean Air Program  to improve air quality by increasing public awareness and encouraging community action to reduce air pollution.

    The goal of PDEQ's Environmental Justice Program is equitable and fair treatment of all residents and meaningful involvement of all regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to environmental programs, laws and policies.

    If you are looking for information from our department such as records on a specific property or records regarding the day-to-day operations of our Air, Water, Waste Programs, those can be obtained by making a public records request.

    Other types of general information requests regarding the environment and/or copies of forms, procedures, pamphlets, or other printed information designed for public distribution can be obtained by calling (520) 724-7400.

    Breathable airTeacher Resources

    Pima County Environmental Quality provides FREE, customized classroom and youth group presentations to assist educators in teaching their students about the environment. Topics include air quality, pollution prevention, climate change, and stormwater and general eco issues.

    There are plenty of reasons why it would be great to study air quality in the classroom and use resources for real-time air quality activity research projects.

    View this short video about PDEQ resources and info that can be incorporated into the classroom and help protect the health of students, staff and their families.

    Meet Arizona State Science and Health Standards

    PDEQ education programs help meet at least the following standards as primary objectives, and may help meet additional standards in other areas such as language arts and social studies.

    • Science Strand 1 Concept 1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses
    • Science Strand 1 Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions
    • Science Strand 3 Concept 1: Changes in Environments
    • Science Strand 6 Concept 3 (K-4): Changes in the Earth and Sky
    • Comprehensive Health Standard

    We Can Tailor Presentations to Meet Classroom Goals

    • Classroom/youth group demonstrations/presentations for all grades
    • Curricula packets for grades 1-12 in English
      • Lesson Plan: Air Quality Presentation for Youth (Grades K-3)
      • Lesson Plan: Lesson Plan: Airborne Dust Control Presentation for Youth (Grades 4-8)
      • Lesson Plan: Air Quality Presentation for Youth (Grades 9-12) 
    • Curricula packets for grades 1-8 in Spanish
    • Informational brochures
    • Clean Air Activity Trunk and Video for K-3 (for loan)
    • Air Care 101 Video for middle-school (for loan)
    • Save Planet Polluto CD-ROM for all ages (for loan)
    • AirInfoNow activities
    • Airville - a Flash activity to show how we HELP and HURT our air.

    Resource Flyers

    PDEQ Environmental Education Resources
    School Pocket Park: engage parents while reducing idling at school
    Drive Less Pledge for teachers, staff and parents
    Healthy Air Pledge printable form for students, 2-up
    Is Air Healthy to Breathe?
    Is it Smoky Outside?
    Airville in color
    Benefits of Biking

    Activity Worksheets

    Airville color page
    Bike vs. car: time and air pollution calculations
    Desert Dwellers Know activity sheets: letter size and menu size
    Facts & Fun for Kids About Air
    Finish the Sentence air focus
    How Green Can You Go?
    Littering is unlAWFUL: K-2 and grades 3-6
    Little Green Riding Hood

    Environmental Justice

    Environmental Justice is defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) is committed to this same goal for all communities within Pima County. Environmental Justice will be achieved when everyone enjoys the same degree of protection from environmental and health hazards, and has equal access to the decision-making process to have a healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work. Cactus Flowers

    EPA Environmental Justice

    Environmental Justice in Pima County

    An Environmental Justice Study was performed by Ms. Barbara Tellman as part of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. This study examines the impacts to minority and low income individuals in Pima County of past governmental decision making in the areas of air quality, transportation, water quality, water supply, land use, housing, fiscal decision making, and matters of cultural sensitivity. Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, PDEQ, has established a grievance procedure to ensure prompt and fair resolution of complaints alleging violations in the administration of PDEQ's programs and activities.

    • AQ-201 Environmental Justice Grievance Procedure

    For more information, contact Pima County Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Justice Coordinator, Natalie Shepp, natalie.shepp@pima.gov, 520-724-6885

    Public Records Request

    Requests for information to PDEQ generally fall into two categories: general information requests and public records requests. A general information request may include information about the environment, copies of forms, procedures, pamphlets, or other printed information designed for public distribution. General information requests and payment for completed requests can be made by calling PDEQ at (520) 724-7400. A public records request includes, but is not limited to, documents and electronic files prepared, owned, used, or retained by PDEQ in the course of conducting its work. Request forms and more information are available through our Public Records Request Frequently Asked Questions under "How can I request a PDEQ public record?"

    PDEQ maintains records regarding the day-to-day operations for the Environmental Quality Division including the Air, Water and Waste Programs and will provide records that are maintained in the format preferred by the requester.  PDEQ records may be paper files, database information, PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, engineering plans, microfiche or other format. PDEQ is not required to create a record that is not maintained in the normal course of doing business (i.e. manipulate data to meet a specific public record request) nor is it required to obtain new data, perform research or create new report formats.

    PDEQ is a predominantly paperless department that utilizes multiple internal databases to house records. PDEQ files and databases provide the most historically accurate and extensive property search results when using a street address.  PDEQ is able to provide property records utilizing a parcel number or township/range/section criteria, however, the record information provided will be limited to the particular search criteria provided.

    Under Arizona State law, the public can request in writing to examine or copy public records.  Arizona's public records law should not be confused with the federal Freedom of Information Act, which applies to records held by federal agencies.  Pima County does not have a central repository for all its records.  Each department and division within Pima County houses its own records (A.R.S. Public Records Reproduction - A.R.S. § 39-121).

    Find answers to most Frequently Asked Questions concerning public records requests.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions about the Air

    Sky with sun rays

    What can I do if I think there is mold in my home or business?

    What can I do if I think there is mold in my home or business?
    Pima County Department of Environmental Quality does not have the authority to investigate or address mold concerns inside residences or businesses in Pima County. It is the property owner’s responsibility to determine if mold is present and if so, to properly remediate it. There are many mold remediation businesses you can hire to determine if mold is present in your home and to clean up the mold, if you are unable to do it yourself.
    In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has information and resources on their website that might be helpful, including ways to prevent and control mold, guidelines for cleaning up mold, and general information on mold and other indoor air quality topics.

    What agency does the air quality monitoring in this region?

    Pima County DEQ. Call (520) 724-7446 for more information

    How do I know what the current air quality is?

    Visit Air Quality Information or call (520) 724-7400 during regular business hours.

    How can I be notified when the air quality is unhealthy?

    Call Pima County DEQ at (520) 724-7446 or sign up for email alerts at: Register for Air Quality Advisories

    Where can I get information about air pollution and Tucson’s air quality?

    Call Pima County DEQ at (520) 724-7446

    Where can I find more information about contrails?

    The U.S Environmental Protection Agency worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration  to develop an Aircraft Contrails Factsheet  and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality also provides information on the formation of contrails.

    Questions about Alternative Transportation

    Bike Riders on the Loop

    Where can I find information about public transit?

    Sun Tran: (520) 792-9222

    Where can I find information about bike riding?

    Pima County Department of Transportation:
    (520) 243-BIKE or (520) 243-2453

    Where can I get information about carpooling or vanpooling?

    Pima Association of Governments Sun Rideshare: (520) 792-1093, www.884ride.org

    Where can I get information on the car-free, multi-use pathway called The Loop?

    Questions about PDEQ's educational resources

    Who can I talk with about scheduling an environmental presentation for my class or community group / neighborhood association?

    Pima County DEQ, (520) 724-7446

    How can I get help with a report on the environment / air quality for my class?

    Pima County DEQ: (520) 724-7446

    How can I get brochures related to air quality or protecting the environment for my students, business, and neighbors?

    Pima County DEQ: (520) 724-7446

    Questions about Requesting Records or Filing Complaints

    How do I make a public records request for information from Pima County Department of Environmental Quality?

    Pima County DEQ, (520) 724-7400
    Public Records Request - FAQs

    How do I submit a complaint about: buffelgrass, manure, dust, someone burning garbage, my neighbor’s messy yard, or other environmental concerns?

    Pima County DEQ, (520) 724-7400
    Report an Environmental Complaint
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