Kids are important! Kids can help protect the environment. When kids take care of the Earth, they are protecting human health and wellness, all the other critters that share the Earth with us, and the resources everyone will depend upon in the future.

Kids can do lots of things to help including:

Kids, the world is in your hands. Please use its resources wisely.

  • Turning off water when brushing teeth
  • Turning off lights, TVs, and electronic equipment when not in use
  • Unplugging chargers
  • Riding bikes, walking or taking the bus instead of getting a ride in a car
  • Reminding parents to properly inflate tires of vehicles for better fuel economy
  • Learning about plants, animals and their habitats 
  • Taking care of personal belongings so they will last longer
  • Collecting recyclables
  • Buying school supplies and other items that are made from recycled content
Child Spinning Wheel of Wisdom

PDEQ offers free youth presentations for classrooms, club meetings, after-school programs and summer programs about air quality, climate change, stormwater and general eco issues.

PDEQ Activities You Can Do at Home:

Little Green Riding Hood

book , worksheet and questions for a green-living oriented version of an old-time favorite fairy tale.

Activity Sheets:

Check out these websites to learn more about air, water, soil, climate change, reduce, reuse, recycling and the natural environment.

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