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  • Class I Permits

    Air Quality Operating permits are issued pursuant to the requirements of Pima County Code (PCC) Title 17 Section 17.11.090(B) and include Class I Permits (issued to sources described below), Class II Permits and Class III Permits. PDEQ also issues General Permits pursuant to PCC Title 17 Section 17.13.080.

    Class I Sources Include:

    • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permits. Industries and processes require a PSD permit if they emit or have the potential to emit at least 250 tons per year of any regulated pollutant.
    • Any major source.  A "major" source as defined by P.C.C. Title 17, Section 17.04.340(A)(128) is any source that has the potential to emit 100 tons per year of any air pollutant as defined in section 302 of the Clean Air Act, which includes fugitive emissions of such pollutant. A source is also considered major if it has the potential to emit 10 tons per year of any single hazardous air pollutant or 25 tons per year of any combination of such hazardous air pollutants.
    • Any affected source. An "affected" source as defined by P.C.C. Title 17, Section 17.12.340(A)(12) is any source that includes one or more units which are subject to emission reduction requirements or limitations under Title IV of the Clean Air Act.
    • Solid Waste Incineration Units. subject to section 129(e) of the Clean Air Act.
    • Designated. Any source in a source category designated by the Administrator pursuant to 40 CFR 70.3 and adopted by the control officer by rule.

    Class I Forms and Application

    For more Information:

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