Cienega Corridor Management Plan

Pima County is undertaking a comprehensive management planning process for properties in the Cienega Corridor allocated under the County's Multi-species Conservation Plan (MSCP). These properties are located in southeast Pima County, and the planning process is expected to be finalized by March 1, 2021. Documents below will highlight the extent of planning efforts and progress as the process moves forward.


County staff convened two workshops (Nov 1, 2019 and March 6, 2020) to consult local natural and cultural resource experts on specific elements of the Cienega Corridor planning process. Workshop participants provided input on specific Resource Priorities to be addressed within the plan, Threats to and Desired Future Conditions for those Resource Priorities, and Conservation Strategies to achieve those Desired Future Conditions. A comprehensive summary of both planning workshops is summarized below.

Cienega Corridor Management Plan - Experts Workshops Final Report

 A visitor use survey was developed to inform the planning process and to gauge differences in visitor use and/or attitudes in the 27 years since the previous survey was conducted to inform the 1994 management plan. The survey was primarily focused on the Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, but a limited amount of information was collected for other locations in the Cienega Corridor as well. Nearly 500 (497) people responded to the survey during the one-month survey period (June 18 – July 20, 2020). Survey results and key findings are included in the document below.

Cienega Corridor Visitor Use Survey Summary Report