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  • Industrial Facilites

    A Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) is issued by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) for industrial activities with selected Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) codes. These activities can contribute pollutants to surface waters. The methods of preventing pollutants from entering stormwater include the following:
    • Keeping pollutants out of the rain,
    • Maximizing the porous area & infiltrating runoff,
    • Collecting the flow on-site,
    • Maintaining riparian buffers,
    • Treating the water before it flows off the site, and
    • Obtaining an Industrial Wastewater Discharge permit for regulated wastes.
    Tank with secondary containment 
    The SIC codes are grouped into the following sectors:
    A. Timber Products
    B. Paper and Allied Products
    C. Chemicals and Allied Products
    D. Asphalt Paving, Roofing Materials, Lubricants
    E. Glass, Clay, Cement & Gypsum Products
    F. Primary Metals
    G. Metal Mining
    H. Coal Mines & Related Facilities
    I. Oil & Gas Extraction
    J. Non-metallic Mineral Mining & Dressing
    K. Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage or Disposal Facilities
    L. Landfills, Land Application Sites, Open Dumps
    M. Automotive Salvage yards
    N. Scrap Recycling Facilities
    O. Steam Electric Generating Facilities
    P. Land Transportation and Warehousing
    Q. Water Transportation
    R. Ship and Boat Building and Repair Yards
    S. Air Transportation Facilities
    T. Treatment Works
    U. Food and Kindred Products
    V. Textile Mills, Apparel & Other Fabric Product
        Manufacturing; Leather Products
    W. Furniture and Fixtures
    X. Printing and Publishing
    Y. Rubber, Miscellaneous Plastic Products, &
        Misc. Industries
    Z. Leather Tanning and Finishing
    AA. Fabricated Metal Products
    AB. Transportation Equipment; Industrial
           Commercial Machinery
    AC. Electronic, Electrical , Photographic and
          Optical Goods
    AD. Stormwater Discharges Designated by the
            Director as Requiring Permits

    This permit is required by the Clean Water Act (CWA) and functions ”to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters.” The waters include desert washes, intermittent streams, lakes, wetlands, and their tributaries.

    Permit holders need to file an annual report by July 15th for the reporting period of June 1st through May 31st.

    Obtain an MSGP NOI from ADEQ

    To obtain an MSGP from ADEQ, register for a free myDEQ account and then apply for an AZPDES MSGP (Notice of Intent (NOI). If your industry is in mining apply for an AZPDES Mining MSGP (Sectors G, H, I, J) NOI. Applicants need to identify their SIC code. Websites useful in determining a SIC Code include the following:
    While completing the application, ADEQ's 2019 MSGP or EPA's website for industrial activities may be useful references. ADEQ provides a template to develop a site specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and EPA provides guidance for a monitoring and sampling plan. Pima County Pima Maps may be used to prepare the general map and the site map (Tips to use PimaMaps). Application fees depend upon the size of the facility and range from $350 to $1,000.

    Facilities with industrial materials and activities protected by storm-resistant shelters may apply for a No Discharge Certificate (NDC). ADEQ introduced the NDC in January 2020 for industrial facilities without a discharge. Facilities must maintain the no discharge condition during the coverage or apply for an MSGP. Each NDC holders must re-apply every five years.

    Manage Your Industrial Facility for Clean Stormwater

    Keep a current SWPPP on-site during operation of the facility. The SWPPP should identify the stormwater team, a summary of potential pollutants, control measures to prevent discharges, records of inspections, maintenance actions, and corrective actions.

    For industrial wastewater generated at a facility, an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit may be needed for releases to Pima County's Sanitary Sewer.

    Check the progress of your facility with the following methods:
    • Perform routine inspections each quarter and follow up on any condition requiring a corrective action,
    • Perform Comprehensive Facility inspections each year,
    • Perform Visual Assessments of stormwater, twice each rainy season, and
      • Summer: June - October
      • Winter: November - May
    • If required by your sector, collect stormwater samples and submit them to a licensed laboratory.
    • If you collect stormwater samples,ADEQ's Monitoring and Sampling Guide (January 2020) provides instructions about collecting the samples as well as coordinating with a laboratory. To find a nearby licensed laboratory, call Arizona Department of Health Services at (602)364-0720 or search their website.. If a benchmark value is based on hardness be sure to tell the laboratory to include Hardness in the list of analytes for your stormwater sample(s).

    Follow Local Ordinances

    In addition to the MSGP, industrial facilities within Pima County must also adhere to both Pima County Code (PCC) and the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS).    Ensure that your industrial facilitiy is meeting the following ordinances:
    • Rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris, and dilapidated buildings have been removed (PCC § 7.33.020)
    • An environmental nuisance, if present, has been abated (PCC § 7.45.020)
    • The industrial facility does not cause excessive amounts of dust (PCC § 17.16.050)
    • Drainage control systems prevent or reduce erosion (PCC § 18.81.040.H)
    • Right-of-way is maintained during grading in a neat and clean manner (PCC § 18.81.040.L)
    • Off-site activity, if any, is conducted  in accordance with a temporary use permit (PCC § 18.93.040)
    • Used oil is not disposed on land or applied as dust suppressant (ARS 49-801, 803, 811, 812)

    Transferring Ownership

    When ownership of a facility is being transferred or ended, file a Notice of Termination (NOT) with the myDEQ account. ADEQ will consider the site to be active under the existing permit holder until an NOT has been filed.

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