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    Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF)

    This organization provides a range of housing services in addition to prevention and awareness programs. Information on housing programs is available online or by calling safe at (520) 628-7223 or toll-free (800) 771-9054.

    Senior Citizens

    Pima Council on Aging (PCOA)

    The Pima Council on Aging provides a range of services to the elderly, which are listed online. PCOA also has trained staff who conduct initial phone screening and provide information to callers at (520) 790-7262.

    Information can also be found on the Pima Council on Aging website.

    Reverse Mortgages

    Reverse mortgages are an effective strategy for many seniors to stay in their homes as they age, allowing them to cash in their home equity to supplement fixed income. HUD provides free information on reverse mortgages online and the Pima Council on Aging also has information on these programs at the contact info listed above.


    DIRECT (Disability Resource Center)

    DIRECT promotes independent living and offers a variety of housing related assistance for all people with disabilities, including wheelchair accessibility ramps and bathroom safety fixtures.

    More information is available online, and they can be reached by email at direct@directilc.org, by phone at (520) 792-1438 or toll-free (800) 342-1853.

    Housing Discrimination

    Southwest Fair Housing Council (SWFHC)

    SWFHC works to further equal access to housing and housing services through the elimination of all forms of illegal discrimination or practices that discourage, impede, or deny access to housing for people. Individuals faced with housing discrimination should contact SWFHC for assistance at (520) 798-1568 or toll-free (888) 624-4611, or through their website.

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