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Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Study

Study status:  Complete 


Vehicle stuck in the Franco Wash during a flood.Pima County Regional Flood Control District has completed the Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Study to identify the drainage and flooding hazards within the watershed and develop alternatives to address those hazards. A Basin Management Study is a comprehensive study that estimates flood and erosion potential for a watershed, maps watercourses, identifies existing and potential problems and develops preliminary solutions and standards for sound floodplain and stormwater management.

The initial effort collected data to identify known flooding hazards and map floodplains. This included researching historical flooding data and current land-use plans, as well as gathering information from stakeholders and the public.

The team then formulated a floodplain management approach consisting of structural and non-structural alternative solutions to reduce or eliminate flooding hazards, which were further compared and evaluated to develop a set of preferred alternatives.

With the study complete, the District now has a comprehensive assessment of flood and erosion hazards. The strategies in the plan should reduce damages to property or loss of life from drainage issues and stormwater flooding.

This project is strongly supported by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, the City of Tucson and the Town of Sahuarita.

Since this study was conducted, the Lee Moore Basin Management Study was divided into two study areas that revised the floodplain, with Houghton Road as the dividing line between the two. The 2009 study established flow corridors that were agreed upon by multiple agencies and may be applicable for development projects. The Lee Moore East and Lee Moore West studies should be used for single-lot permitting.

Scope of Work

  • Data Collection: Develop a data base of existing land use and drainage information.
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics: Determine quantity and limits of stormwater runoff.
  • Floodplain Mapping: Delineate 100-year floodplains.
  • Public Involvement: Regular open house meetings to inform and obtain public input.
  • Stakeholder Involvement: Facilitate meetings to inform and include stakeholder concerns.
  • Environmental Considerations: Biological and cultural resources.
  • Erosion Hazards: Identify problem areas for scour and sedimentation.
  • Rules of Development: Provide management guidelines for future development.
  • Schedule: Completion anticipated in Summer 2008.
Riparian Habitat in the Lee Moore Wash basin

Public Outreach

The following public outreach information is available:

Fact Sheets

Lee Moore Fact Sheet, Summer 2008

Meeting Presentations

Stakeholder Powerpoint from February 13, 2008


The total project watershed is approximately 213 square miles, including parts of unincorporated Pima County, City of Tucson, Town of Sahuarita, Coronado National Forest, and Arizona State Land.

Maps associated with reports can be found in the Reports tab.

Floodplain Maps

Basin Map

The index map below is clickable. Locate the area of interest on the index map and click within that box to view the more detailed floodplain map for that area. If the index map does not work with your browser, links to all of the detailed maps are provided below the index map. All maps are in PDF format and are approximately 1 MB in size.

Clickable index map of the Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Study floodplain

Lee Moore Wash Basin Management Study floodplain maps

Sheet 1 Sheet 15 Sheet 29 Sheet 43 Sheet 57
Sheet 2 Sheet 16 Sheet 30 Sheet 44 Sheet 58
Sheet 3 Sheet 17 Sheet 31 Sheet 45 Sheet 59
Sheet 4 Sheet 18 Sheet 32 Sheet 46 Sheet 60
Sheet 5 Sheet 19 Sheet 33 Sheet 47 Sheet 61
Sheet 6 Sheet 20 Sheet 34 Sheet 48 Sheet 62
Sheet 7 Sheet 21 Sheet 35 Sheet 49 Sheet 63
Sheet 8 Sheet 22 Sheet 36 Sheet 50 Sheet 64
Sheet 9 Sheet 23 Sheet 37 Sheet 51 Sheet 65
Sheet 10 Sheet 24 Sheet 38 Sheet 52 Sheet 66
Sheet 11 Sheet 25 Sheet 39 Sheet 53 Sheet 67
Sheet 12 Sheet 26 Sheet 40 Sheet 54 Sheet 68
Sheet 13 Sheet 27 Sheet 41 Sheet 55 Sheet 69
Sheet 14 Sheet 28 Sheet 42 Sheet 56  

Lee Moore Wash Basin Revision Technical Data Notebook - East of Houghton Road

The District determined that different floodplain model parameterization for the Lee Moore Wash basin would better reflect the true flood hazards in the basin. The District is revising the floodplain maps in two phases, east and west of Houghton Road. The portion east of Houghton Road is complete and is found below. The portion west of Houghton Road is expected to be complete by early 2019.

Lee Moore Wash Basin East Technical Data Notebook (Report)

Meetings and Open Houses

The following meeting and event information is available:

Public Meeting and Open House Announcements

Meeting Presentations