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Finger Rock Wash Floodplain Study

Study status:  LOMR approved by FEMA, effective January 25, 2012

For more information, please contact the Project Manager:
Lynn Orchard, Chief Hydrologist
(520) 724-4600

FEMA has approved Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Case Number 11-09-0275P for the Finger Rock Wash floodplain. The LOMR is effective as of January 25, 2012.  The proposed revisions start north of East Playa De Coronado and extend to approximately 750 feet northeast of Alvernon Road. The proposed map revisions reflect better topographic information and revised hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.  It also incorporates drainage infrastructure. The maps cover portions of Sections 03, 10, 15, 21 and 22 of Township 13 South, Range 14 East. If accepted, the revised Floodplains, Floodways, and Base Flood Elevations would modify portions of Flood Insurance Rate Maps 04019C1685L, 1694L and 1695L. The Finger Rock Wash Letter of Map Revision Technical Data Notebook (Large file: 50 MB PDF format) is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most frequently asked questions regarding the re-mapping of the floodplain for the Campbell Wash, the Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Letters of Map Revision, Flood Insurance and more can be found in this LOMR FAQ. The District also has a Flood Insurance page that answers many common questions about flood insurance.

What is a “Shaded Zone X”?

The Flood Insurance Rate Maps have several flood insurance rate zones.  One of those is referred to as a “Shaded Zone X”.  For the Agua Caliente Map revision, the designation will have one of three different definitions:

  • The 0.2 percent change floodplain most commonly referred to as the 500-year floodplain.
  • An area protected from flooding by a flood control levee.
  • Areas of shallow flooding (less than one foot) during the Regulatory Flood event  (100-year flood).

A Shaded Zone X floodplain is not a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and federally-insured lenders are not required to have flood insurance* on structure in such areas. 

* The Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 requires lenders to have insurance on loans with structures that are in a federally mapped 100-year floodplain.  Lenders pass that requirement to homeowners. 


Below is a map of the project area. The map is clickable, so click within a map area or on the map label to get a PDF map showing greater detail. Each map shows the current and proposed FEMA floodplain for portions of the project area.

Clickable index map to access floodplain comparison maps for Finger Rock Wash LOMR Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 1 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 2 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 3 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 4 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 5 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 6 Link to Finger Rock LOMR Comparison Map 7

If you have trouble accessing the maps through the index map above, they are available below.