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Ventana Canyon and Esperero Wash Floodplain Study

Study status:  LOMR approved by FEMA, the Effective Date of the LOMR was September 13, 2010 

For more information, please contact the Project Manager:
Terry Hendricks, Chief Hydrologist
(520) 724-4600
Pima County Regional Flood Control District has remapped the floodplains of the Ventana Canyon and Esperero Washes through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program. Property owners along the Ventana Canyon and Esperero Wash floodplains are encouraged to review the approved LOMR, Case Number 09-09-2406P. The maps became effective September 13, 2010 and are based on revised hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. The revised floodplain modified the special flood hazard areas, floodways and base flood elevations shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) panels 04019C1655 K, 04019C1663 K, and 04019C1665 K.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most frequently asked questions regarding the re-mapping of the floodplain for the Campbell Wash, the Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Letters of Map Revision, Flood Insurance and more can be found in this LOMR FAQ. The District also has a Flood Insurance page that answers many common questions about flood insurance.

Individual Elevation Surveys

Frequently published floodplain maps may not reflect whether a residence at the edge of the regulatory floodplain is actually outside to floodplain limits due to map nomenclature issues. For example the width of a floodplain boundary line on a map at a scale of 1 inch equals 1000 feet may measure 20 feet wide on a printed copy of the map and a residence may be declared in the floodplain by a lending institution even though it may be 20 feet or more above the water surface elevations. The District provided an opportunity for several property owners along the edge of the revised floodplain to have their residences surveyed to determine if there was enough information to remove the residence from the floodplain via FEMA’s Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) process. Forty four property owners consented to the survey. Twenty of those surveys came back with elevations that meet FEMA’s criteria and are in the approval process.  The District will mail out the approved LOMA’s to the property owners once that are received.  No additional surveys are to be made.

Technical Appeals

The technical appeal period for the map revision is over.   No appeals were submitted to either the District or to FEMA.  Further revisions to the Ventana Canyon and Esperero Wash floodplains, floodways or water surface elevations must follow the FEMA LOMR process.

Public Outreach

The following public outreach information is available:

Meetings & Events

Open House

On January 26, the District held an open house at the Dusenberry-River Branch Library located at 5605 E. River Road at the intersection of Craycroft and River Roads to answer questions about the floodplain re-mapping.  Further updates on the progress of the re-mapping will be made using post card notifications and modifications to the District website for this project.

Public Notice

Individual notifications in the form of a postcard Notice to Affected Property Owners was sent to the 533 property owners along the watercourses were mailed out on December 3, 2009. The District will attempt to redirect returned mailings to the owners or occupants.

The following public notice was published in the Tucson Citizen on 12-03-2009 and the Daily Territorial on 12-04-2009.

"Proposed Changes to the Floodplain and Floodway Boundaries for the Ventana Canyon Wash and Esperero Wash between the Forest Service Boundary and Tanque Verde Creek.

"The Pima County Regional Flood Control District has submitted proposed changes to the Ventana Canyon Wash and Esperero Wash Floodplains, Floodways, and Base Flood Elevations to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The proposed revisions for the Ventana Canyon Wash start just at the Forest Service Boundary and extend south to the Tanque Verde Creek.  The proposed revisions for the Esperero Wash starts approximately one-half mile south of the Forest Service Boundary and extends south to the Ventana Canyon Wash confluence.  The proposed map revisions reflect new hydrology and better topographic information.  The maps cover portions of Sections 5 through 8, 17, 20, 29, and 30 of Township 13 South, Range 15 East.   If accepted, the revised Floodplains, Floodways, and Base Flood Elevations would modify Flood Insurance Rate Maps 04019C1655K, 04019C1663K, and 04019C1665K.  The proposed floodplain maps can be viewed at the District’s office located at 97 E. Congress, Tucson, Arizona 85701, or on line at rfcd.pima.gov under the “What’s New!” link. "


The FEMA approved LOMR contains maps of the revised floodplain.

Below is a map of the project watershed. The map is clickable, so click within a map area or on the map label to get a PDF map showing greater detail.

Clickable index map to access more detailed floodplain maps Map 8 Map 9 Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 Map 4 Map 5 Map 6 Map 7

If you have trouble accessing the maps through the index map above, they are available below.

Watershed Map with Discharge Values