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  • PR4.22 Sports Park Upgrades 2017

    Total Actual Cost: $2,434,380 
    Project Number: CPR.PSPTPK
    Funding Sources: 2004 General Obligation Bonds 
    Completion Date: September 2018
    Managing Dept.: Project Management Office
    Project Map: GIS Map

    The Mike Jacobs Sports Park Facility was built in 1984 and has been operating in place via an external operator without significant upgrades for at least 23 years, other than some lighting upgrades due to light pollution complaints. This has many of the existing amenities condition in need of repair, or deficient in terms of current codes/standards, including some of the utilities servicing the site. 

    At the same time, the adjacent ADOT I-10 widening project has resulted in a loss of existing Sports Park land to ADOT and in exchange approximately $1M has been set aside for NRPR to make improvements in mitigation of the impacts. The land loss has impacted some operations at the Fun Spot, and reduced existing parking. Additional funds from the remaining Catalina Community Park will be added pending a bond amendment.

    The scope of work for improvements may include additional parking, ADA upgrades, utility upgrades, and other improvements to enhance the existing operations already in place. In order to determine the extent of improvements and develop a priority phasing plan, a Site Condition study is recommended as an initial planning phase. The study will review existing conditions, evaluate potential costs, and provide some input for other site improvements that will benefit the community and operators in the future.

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