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PDEQ's Clean Air Program Commercials & Videos:

Youth Videos

I have a voiceListen up! These talented teens have voices and created videos about air pollution, climate change, and why it’s up to all of us to take action and protect earth’s resources and our health. Pima County DEQ partnered with Youth On Their Own to hear from youth on this profound subject. Check out the videos below.

Air Pollution by Gabriel Figueroa (4:17)
Pollution in Arizona by Gabriel Figueroa (3:18)
Our Planet by Salem Sieker Porter (5:21)

PM 2.5 PSA

Backyard Fire Smoke

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Independence Day provide ample reason to celebrate! On those days, PDEQ’s air quality monitors consistently detect elevated levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) during times when fireplaces and fireworks are smoking. Protect yourself and our community by following some simple tips to reduce this harmful pollutant while enjoying clear and healthy desert skies in celebration. English and Spanish versions. Illustrated by a University of Arizona Intern, Andrina Nguyen.

Love the Air

Healthy air is in our hands every time we decide to go somewhere. Choosing not to drive alone, even just one trip a week, can eliminate more than 1,000 pounds of air pollution annually. It also reduces greenhouse gases and stormwater pollution, and can save you money. Watch the "Love the Air - Keep it Healthy" video to view ways to reduce vehicle trips and related emissions.

Idling Less Saves More

Idle Less

When we reduce vehicle idling, we help save lungs, air quality, fuel, vehicle wear-and-tear, and money. Where do you idle the most? At schools? Drive-thrus? Parking lots? Doctor’s offices? Driveways? Just because you don’t see emissions coming out of the tailpipe, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Due to engine efficiencies and technological improvements, idling more than 10 seconds now uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting. So, when idling isn’t needed, consider parking and turning the engine off. Healthy air is in our hands.

View the 15-second version here.

Additional PSAs

See what PDEQ air resources can do for you!

PDEQ Clean Air Program TV commercials highlight actions we can take to improve air quality.

Breathe Easier Radio Commercials

Listen to our radio commercials addressing actions we can each take to breathe easier and save resources. Many thanks to 92.9 The Mountain radio station for obtaining permission from Grammy Award winning "Maroon 5" to use their song "Harder to Breathe" and to Clear Channel radio for providing the talent, recording studio time, and air time at no charge. Some of the contact info may be old, but the clean air messages still ring true today.

Historical Commercials

Below are other, older PDEQ Clean Air Program radio commercials. Thanks to Allen Kath for his assistance and years of support. And thanks, also, to Kelli Gero (Zespy) for her voice talent in the "Combine Errands" and "Maintain Your Car" commercials.

Additional Air Resources

The choices we make on a daily basis make a big difference in our air quality. Explore PDEQ’s webpages for current air quality readings and more information on actions you can take to keep the air you breathe healthy.

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