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  • Code Compliance Complaint Form

    This is a Pima County Website
    For garbage, junked vehicles, excess open storage, vegetation & weeds, dilapidated or unsecured buildings & pools or illegal dumping complaints in the City of Tucson, please visit City of Tucson Code Enforcement   or call (520) 791-5843.

    PDEQ prioritizes complaints to assure an appropriate response. Complaints that allege a potential threat to public health or safety are considered high priority complaints and are investigated as soon as possible. Complaints not meeting this criteria will be flagged as low priority and will be investigated as time permits. Anonymous complaints, not meeting the above criteria, will have the longest response time due to PDEQ’S inability to follow-up with the complainant for information and/or advise them of the complaint status.


    Code Compliance Complaint Feedback Form

    Their Information - Who is causing the violation and where is it occurring?
    Do NOT put your information here!

    Responsible Party Name: * (Put Unknown if you do not know)
    Complete & Valid Address or Parcel: *
    (e.g. 1234 W. Violation St. or 321-44-5678)
    Incomplete or invalid address or parcel number cannot be processed
    Major Cross Streets: (Near Violation Location)
    Description: (Please give details of complaint)
    Location Description: (Where on property?)
    Is The Property Accessible? (Gated, Fenced, Dogs, Posted No Trespassing):
    Date & Time of Occurrence:
    You may submit photos electronically AT CodeCompliance@pima.gov only if you provide your contact information. If you choose to be anonymous, you can only submit evidence by mail (no return address) or in person. To mail photo(s), send them to PDEQ, 33 N. Stone Ave., Tucson AZ 85701, attention Complaint Coordinator. To deliver photos in person, please come to PDEQ’s office located in the Bank of America Building at 33 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, 7th Floor between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday (Always reference the address or parcel # when submitting evidence!). If you wish to be contacted, please check the box below and provide your contact information including your email address and telephone number. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Under State Law: By providing your name, address, email address or telephone number to PDEQ, the information becomes part of the public record. If you wish to remain anonymous and not provide contact information, you must use only the top part of this complaint form, or use first class mail or hand delivery of a complaint. This is necessary because PDEQ phone and email records are also public information.

     I want to be contacted.

    Your Information - This is You!

    (required if you want a reply - optional if you want to remain anonymous)
    (Be advised: all complaints become public record and are subject to dissemination upon request)

     I desire to remain anonymous
    (your name)  
    Email Address:
    Address:Phone #1:
     City:Phone #2:
    Zip:Phone #3:

    Referred from Page: 

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