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  • Open Space and Habitat Protection

    Completed Bond Projects - Open Space and Habitat Protection

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    2004 General Obligation and Open Space and Habitat Protection

    OS1.01 Sweetwater Preserve – Tucson Mountain Park

    OS1.02 Tucson Mountain Park

    OS1.03 Tucson Mountain Park

    OS1.07 Canoa Ranch Parcels

    OS1.09 Carpenter Ranch - Tortolita Mountain Park

    OS1.13 Painted Hills Acquisition

    OS1.14 Tucson Mountain Park – South Corridor Project Area

    OS1.15 Agua Caliente and Brawley Wash

    OS1.16 36th Street Corridor and Valencia

    OS1.17 Habitat at 36th and Kino

    OS1.18 Kelly Ranch and Tortolita Mountain Park

    OS1.19 Town of Sahuarita Priorities

    OS1.20 Urban Open Space to Prevent Encroachment on DMAFB

    OS1.21 Southeast Project Area

    OS1.22 Santa Cruz Basin Project Area

    OS1.23 Altar Valley Project Area

    OS1.24 Avra Valley Sub Area

    OS1.25 Tortolita Mountain Sub Area

    OS1.27 San Pedro Sub Area

    1997 General Obligation and Open Space and Habitat Protection

    SD-00 Sonoran Desert Open Space

    SD-01 Tucson Mountain Park - General

    SD-03 Tucson Mountain Park - Robles Pass

    SD-04 Tucson Mountain Park - Los Morteros

    SD-05 Tortolita Mountain Park

    SD-08 Canoa Ranch

    SD-10 Tumamoc Hill Acquisition

    RW-11 Agua Caliente Creek

    RW-12 Agua Verde Creek

    RW-14 Clyne Ranch Property

    CA-31 Tumamoc Hill Acquisition

    * These documents highlight completed projects from the 2004 and 1997 Bond Programs. They include information reported, as of June 30, 2009.
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