Sewer GIS Maps

Using PimaMaps to show Public Sewers:


Instructions on using PimaMaps

  • Click on the Main Map link
  • Click on Map Layers Icon in lower left hand corner (stacked colored sheets) and find Sanitary Sewer layer
  • Expand layer and check boxes for the sub-layers of Sanitary Sewer Structures and Sanitary Sewer Pipes
  • Sewers will appear as green lines when scale shows 1000 ft. per inch in lower left corner of map
  • Continue to Zoom for finer detail where manholes and pipes are clearly identified
  • Additional Sewer asset information can be found by placing cursor over asset, and selecting Report from within the pop-up window

Using MapGuide to show Public Sewers:

Sanitary Sewer MapGuide

Instructions on using MapGuide

  • Zoom in to area of interest using Zoom+ icon on upper left bar to a scale of at least 1:15000
  • Using the layer list on the left side of the screen, scroll down past the "Points" layers to the “Lines” layers
    • Find Sanitary Sewer, and select sub-layers Sanitary Sewer Structures and Sanitary Sewer Pipes
    • The sub-layer Sanitary Sewer Structure Labels becomes visible at 1:5000, and can be selected to show the manhole identifiers

Note: you can zoom to a specific scale by right-clicking the mouse in the map window, and going to Zoom-Zoom Scale.
If you have not zoomed in enough you will not see the sewer structures and pipes sub-layers, so zoom in until they are visible on the layers list.

Public Access Search:

Use this link to search for construction plans.

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