Planned Kinney Trail in TMP

Pima County Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation (NRPR) would like public input on plans to incorporate an existing trail into the Tucson Mountain Park trail system. The public comment period will last 30 days from publish date: August 5, 2022.


Pima County NRPR has plans to incorporate a “social/wildcat” trail in Tucson Mountain Park (TMP) into the designated system of TMP trails. A “social/wildcat” trail refers to a trail that has been created without involvement or written authorization from Pima County. Social/wildcat trails are not designated as official system trails. The social/wildcat trail NRPR has plans to approve as official is referred to as the “Kinney Trail”.


The “Kinney Trail” parallels South Kinney Road near the southern boundary of Tucson Mountain Park. The trail is located between the K1 and K9 pullouts along South Kinney Road and crosses Kinney Road at the K5 pullout; it provides a connection between the Tucson Estates Trail and the Golden Gate/Prospector Trails. The distance of the trail is 1.7-miles. View map.


In 2018 Pima County NRPR identified the area along South Kinney Road as a potential location to develop a trail following a similar alignment to the current “Kinney Trail”. Over the last 2 years the social/wildcat trail has been developed.


Pima County NRPR rarely incorporates social/wildcat trails into designated trail systems, so why the “Kinney Trail”?

  • Standards: Overall trail meets established standards for sustainability to the degree Pima County NRPR can maintain and improve trail in the future.
  • Planning: Trail overlaps with Pima County NRPR trail development plans.
  • Connectivity:
    • Trail provides an additional connection between the east and west sides of Tucson Mountain Park (TMP).
    • Trail connects to existing trails and enhances overall TMP trail system connectivity by providing additional trail/loop options.
  • Safety: Trail provides park users a safe alternative to travelling by bike or foot on Kinney Road. Location where trail crosses at K5 pullout provides excellent sight lines of/for roadway traffic in both directions.

Future plans

Pima County NRPR plans to designate the “Kinney Trail” as an official Tucson Mountain Park (TMP) system trail and perform the following actions:
  • Add trail to TMP trail system map and include in any updates to signage, brochures and published materials.
  • Install trail wayfinding signage along trail consistent with existing trail signage.
  • Incorporate trail into routine operations and maintenance plans.
  • Assess and implement minor trail reroutes to improve sustainability where trail alignment does not meet Pima County NRPR standards.

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Planned Kinney Trail - TMP
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