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  • Lost and Found Pets

    found pet map

    To search for animals that have been found and brought to PACC, visit found dogs and visit found cats.

    To search for animals that have been reported lost by their owners, click visit lost dogs and visit lost cats.

    To tell us about a lost or found pet, use this Lost and Found Pets submission form.

    Stray pets are held for three days. If they are unclaimed, they become property of PACC and will become available for adoption, foster or rescue placement following an initial evaluation.

    Reclaiming your lost pet is easy and affordable. If you think your pet is here, please come to PACC to let us help reunite you and your pet. We want to help get your pet home!

    If your pet is here but you do not have access to transportation, please call us at 520-724-7222 to learn about our found pet transportation options.

    If you’ve lost a pet, here are the steps you should take.

    • File a lost pet report by calling 520-724-7222.
    • Post LOST PET flyers or posters near where the pet was last seen.
    • Visit local Lost and Found pet groups on Facebook and other social media sites.
    • Post a lost pet alert on your local nextdoor.com group.
    • Create a Pawboost alert

    It’s scary to lose a pet. We do hope you are able to find your family member.

    found pet map

    Tips to help find a lost pet.

    1. File a Lost Pet Report by calling (520) 724-7222.
    2. Check on line in the community, including:
    1. Ask neighbors if they saw your pet and post flyers around the neighborhood.
    2. Check the “found” ads in the newspaper or online sites and consider posting an ad with a reward for the return of your pet.
    3. Keep looking for at least two weeks. Sometimes, found pets aren’t brought to the shelter for many days.

    stray dog

    As an open-admissions shelter, we accept stray dogs at any time during our operating hours. There are ways you can help get stray dogs home without bringing them to the shelter!

    Stray dogs:

    1. Get the dog scanned to check for a microchip. Almost every vet can scan for a microchip. If you can identify the dog, you can help return it without it having to come to the shelter!
    2. If the dog is wearing a Pima County license, you can call our Dispatch line at 724-5900, extension 4 to find out the owner name and contact information to get the dog home quickly.
    3. File a FOUND report. You can call our Pet Support Center at 724-7222 to file a found a report. You can also come to PACC during open hours and file a report in person.
    4. In most cases, finders will be given the option to hold the found pet for one week in order to increase its chances of being reunited with its family. Found dogs brought to PACC will be vaccinated and micro-chipped. Finders who choose to hold the dog will be offered supplies including food, a crate, leash and collar. If you find a dog and house that dog in your home, you can choose to bring  the dog in at any time during PACC’s open hours and PACC will intake it.

    Sick or injured stray dogs:

    If you find a sick or injured stay pet, please bring it to PACC during open hours or call Dispatch at 724-5900 extension 4 to receive an immediate response. 

    Stray cats:

    If you see healthy stray cats and kittens, whether they’re friendly or ‘feral,’ it means someone is caring for them and they live in the community. If they have a tipped ear, it means they’ve been sterilized and vaccinated. If you noticed unsterilized cats in your community, you can visit our community cats page to learn more about trap-neuter-return services for community cats.

    Found kittens:

    If you find a kitten, please visit our Found Kittens page to learn how to help keep kittens with their moms and out of the shelter!

    Sick or injured stray cats:

    If you find a sick or injured stay pet, please bring it to PACC during open hours or call Dispatch at 724-5900 extension 4 to receive an immediate response. 
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