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    Fleet Services

    To provide for a customer focused, centralized fleet management function that is dedicated to providing efficient and effective Fleet services to Pima County.


    • To maintain the County fleet in such a manner as to achieve maximum operating efficiency and safety.
    • To ensure that County Departments have the quantity and type of vehicles which best fit their operational requirements.
    • To ensure that Fleet Services remains competitive by making periodic assessments of operational costs and type of services offered.
    • To provide Fleet Services employees with a work environment that promotes quality, service and pride.

    • Maintenance and Repair for auto, light trucks, heavy trucks and off-road equipment. Four shop locations: Mission Rd., Richey Rd., Houghton Rd and Ajo Arizona.
    • Fuel Management of nine fuel stations located throughout the County; Mission Rd., Houghton Rd., Richey Rd., Ajo Way, Ina Rd., Downtown, Marana, Green Valley and Ajo Arizona.
    • Acquisition and Disposition of County vehicles, cradle to grave life cycle
    • Motor Pool – four motor pool sites available for County employees to rent vehicles; B-Level Downtown, Public Works Downtown, Abrams, Mission Rd.
    • Vehicle Upfitting - installation of code equipment on Sheriff patrol vehicles; installation of equipment on specialized vehicles ensuring vehicles meet the safety and operational needs of County department.

    During Business Hours
    8:00AM - 5:00 PM
    (520) 724-2674

    After Business Hours
    (520) 741-4900

    Please Note:
    Most problems with the stations will be corrected the next business day.

    Only in emergencies will staff be sent to the fuel station to repair the problem.

    Fleet Services Fueling Stations Map

    Launch Fleet Services Fuel Stations

    During Business Hours (6:00 a.m. ‐ 5:00 p.m.) After Hours
    Fleet Service Writers
    • (520) 724-2674

    • Rod Robertson Towing
      (520) 663-0600
    • Barnett’s Towing – Ajo to Tucson Only
      (520) 623-9007
    • Del Sure Enterprise – within Ajo, AZ Only
      (520) 387-6962 / 520-387-4869

    New Fuel Management System coming to Pima County!

    Fleet Services is in the process of deploying a new Fuel Management System across all nine Pima County fuel stations. The new system will replace a 20 year old system that uses outdated hardware and software technology.

    The new fuel management system will require that each fuel station be closed for a short period while infrastructure updates are completed. Please see the schedule below for station closing dates.

    Fuel Station Address Date Closing Date Re-opening
    Richey Road 3390 N. Richey Blvd. Station Open Station Open
    Mission Road 1301 S. Mission Road Station Open Station Open
    Ina Road 4901 W. Ina Road Station Open Station Open
    Ajo Way 2545 E. Ajo Way Station Open Station Open
    Marana 12600 N. Sanders Road Station Open Station Open
    Houghton 4700 S. Houghton Road Station Open Station Open
    Green Valley 601 N. La Canada Dr. Station Open Station Open
    Downtown 193 W. Pennington Station Open Station Open
    Ajo, Az. 1131 N. Well Road, Ajo Arizona Station Open Station Open

    Why is Pima County moving to a new fuel management system?

    The existing fuel management system is over 20 years old; requires redundant manual tasks; and of course uses outdated hardware and software technology.

    What is the name of the new fuel management system?

    The new fuel management system is called “Fuel Master”.

    How will users of the Pima County fuel stations be impacted?

    • In order to implement the new fuel master system each station will need to be closed for a short period to complete infrastructure upgrades. The plan is to never have more than two stations closed at the same time.
    • Pima County vehicles will require the installation of an Automotive Information Module (AIM) which is unique to the Fuel Master system. Fleet Services will work with department Transportation Coordinators to schedule installation dates.
    • Since it will take several weeks to convert all stations to Fuel Master, County employees and IGA customers will need to maintain their current keys (blue and black) plus a black key for the new system. This will ensure that fuel can be obtained from any station during the conversion period.

    What benefits will I see as a user of the new system?

    • Time savings!
    • Fleet Services has the ability to remotely turn on the fuel dispenser during business hours in the event of a system problem.
    • If you are fueling a Pima County vehicle you will no longer require any keys for fueling once your Pima County vehicle has an AIM unit installed and all nine Pima County Fuel stations have been converted to Fuel Master.
    • If you are an IGA customer you will require one key to identify the vehicle; a personal ID and vehicle odometer reading must be entered into the Fuel Master pedestal.

    How will I receive my key for the new fuel management system?

    Fleet Services will contact department Transportation Coordinator’s and IGA when keys are ready for distribution.

    The new system asks me to enter my “User ID”. I do not have a User ID, what should I enter?

    Pima County employees are to enter their EIN minus the leading “U”. IGA customers are to enter their User ID as previously agreed upon with Fleet Services.

    On occasion, I have had to enter my odometer reading twice at the Fuel Master pedestal, why?

    Most likely the vehicle has been fueled at a legacy station and now you are fueling at station that has been converted to Fuel Master. The two fuel management systems are independent and do not share the same database causing discrepancies in odometer readings. This issue will disappear when all nine fuel stations have been converted to Fuel Master.

    What do I do with my old Trak black & blue keys?

    Once all stations have been converted to Fuel Master, approximately January 16th, black and blue Trak keys will be disabled and should be returned to Fleet Services for recycling.
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