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    The Pima County Regional Flood Control District strives to use forward-looking floodplain management practices to minimize flood and erosion damages for all county residents, property and infrastructure. Regionally, the District is involved in a variety of flood monitoring, flood control and natural resource management activities. We also perform floodplain management activities within unincorporated portions of Pima County.

    We hope you'll take a closer look at the District's many programs and activities. Please contact or visit us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the District.

    Pima County Regional Flood Control District Recognized as 2020 Southeast Arizona Weather Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence
    NWS Tucson nominated the Pima County Regional Flood Control District (PCRFCD) as the 2020 Ambassador of Excellence in southeast Arizona for their efforts to prepare those potentially impacted by increased flash flooding threats associated with the Bighorn Fire burn area and to enhance the services they provide to other public safety agencies, including the NWS. 
    Bighorn Fire Alert: Floods Follow Fires
    The Bighorn Fire has burned a significant amount of the Catalina Mountains. The District is very concerned about the increased risk of flooding created by the fire. Please visit our Floods Follow Fires web page for general information about flood risks after wildfires and the Bighorn Fire Flood Risk web page for information specific to the Bighorn Fire and the District's efforts to analyze the effects of the fire on flood risk.
    District Response to Covid-19 Pandemic
    Customer Service Counter Now Closed to Walk-ins

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the customer service counter is now CLOSED to walk-in customers. Meetings are by appointment only. The District is following additional new guidelines for permit processing to promote social distancing. See the Flood Control District Covid-19 response for permitting press release for more info.
    Public Notice: Technical Policy Adoption and Revision
    March 6, 2020
    Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute Title 48-3609.02. Adoption of rules; procedures; exemptions; definition, this web page serves as the required public notification for proposed rule making by the Pima County Regional Flood Control District (District). The District is proposing to adopt four new Technical Policies and amend 9 additional Technical Policies or Technical Procedures. A public meeting for the public to offer comments was held March 24, 2020. Please see the 2020 New and Revised Policy Outreach page for copies of the Technical Policies and additional details.


    While the District is a regional authority, undertaking flood mitigation efforts throughout Pima County, we do not regulate floodplains within incorporated areas or on Tribal Nations.  For questions related to floodplain permitting within the City of Tucson, Town of Marana, Town of Oro Valley or Town of Sahuarita, please go to the Other Local Floodplain Management Agencies web page for contact information.


    Our Resources page contains floodplain permitting resources for the public and licensed professionals, such as a tool to create a property-specific Flood Hazard Map, permit guidelines, construction details, historical aerial photography, and technical tools such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software.

    Floodplain Resources for Real Estate Professionals

    The Pima County Regional Flood Control District (District) wants to help you understand the potential pitfalls of buying or selling properties that are in the floodplain and protect your clients in the process. The District has created a dedicated website for real estate professionals filled with resources on floodplains, insurance, safety, and more.

    Rules, Ordinance, Policies & Procedures

    (Directory of Documents)

    The District derives its regulatory authority from Title 16 of the Pima County Code, otherwise known as the Floodplain Management Ordinance (Ordinance).  The Ordinance is augmented by policies and procedures that serve to clarify the requirements of the Ordinance, standardize implementation of the Ordinance, establish construction guidelines and provide tools for staff and the public to enhance the permitting process.

    The Ordinance, Policies & Procedures and other regulatory documents can be found on the Rules and Procedures page.

    Public Outreach

    Our Public Outreach page contains brochures, FAQs, flood disaster information, flood videos and Sheriff Hank Highwater's Flood Safety Fun Page for Kids.

    Projects and Reports


    The District has a long history of constructing improvements to enhance flood safety and community well-being in Pima County.  Our Projects page contains links to in-depth information about completed and ongoing projects initiated by the District.


    Our Reports page contains reports spanning the entire spectrum of District activities, including floodplain special studies, Technical Data Notebooks, and environmental evaluation and restoration reports, as well as quarterly and annual reports of District activities.

    Historical Floods

    We are often asked, "When was the last flood on my property?"  While we don't often have flood information specific to individual parcels, and past flood events aren't necessarily indicative of the timing or severity of future flood events, looking at past flood events can be very instructive.  To that end, we have created a web page dedicated to historical flood events in Pima County.


    About Us


    The District will continue to be a leader in providing quality flood protection and floodplain management services within Pima County.


    Pima County Flood Control District is a regional agency whose mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Pima County residents by providing comprehensive flood protection programs and floodplain management services.  These services emphasize fiscal responsibility, protection of natural resources, and a balanced multi-objective approach to managing regional watercourses, floodplains, and stormwater resources.

    Value Statement

    The District is committed to the fair treatment of the general public and our employees, an open decision-making process, fostering the opportunity for employee contributions, improved quality of work through working in partnership, and consideration of environmental values along with economic benefits in our programs.

    Additional Information About the District

    While the District is a regional authority, undertaking flood mitigation efforts throughout Pima County, we do not regulate floodplains within incorporated areas or on Tribal Nations.  For questions related to floodplain permitting within the City of Tucson, Town of Marana, Town of Oro Valley or Town of Sahuarita, please go to the Other Local Floodplain Management Agencies web page for contact information.
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