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The District uses maps in a variety of ways; to convey flood hazard information, to graphically describe flood control projects, or to relate other spatial data.  These maps may be static like a paper map or interactive, such as those using MapGuide as an interface over the internet.  This page contains links to the more popular relevant maps available from the District.  It does not represent a comprehensive collection of every map the District has.  Maps specific to reports or projects are located on the Reports page or Projects page.  Maps associated with FEMA Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs), Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMRs) and Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) can be found on the Approved CLOMRs, LOMRs and LOMAs page.

Flood and Erosion Hazard Maps

  • Flood Hazard MapA static map utilizing free Adobe Acrobat Reader software that allows individuals to determine known flood hazards on specific parcels of land.
  • Flood Outreach Map (mobile friendly) - This map is the companion interactive map for our outreach brochures.
  • The Unincorporated Pima County Floodplain map shows FEMA and locally mapped floodplains for unincorporated Pima County, but does not show any floodplains for other jurisdictions.
  • The Pima County FEMA Floodplain map shows FEMA floodplains for the entire county but does not show any floodplains mapped by local jurisdictions. (NOTE: This map has been updated to the new PimaMaps viewer. The MapGuide viewer is no longer being supported.)
  • PC-HYDRO MapGuide Map - An interactive MapGuide map that provides information necessary to utilize the PC-HYDRO hydrology software. The map features the Hydrologic Soils Groups.
  • Historical aerial photos

Riparian Habitat Maps