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  • Training and Development

    For registration or scheduling information contact your

    Dept Training  Coordinator
    Human Resources Management Training is designed to assist with ensuring the success of Pima County managers and supervisors by:
    • equipping new management/supervisory employees with essential core knowledge through formalized training,
    • providing ongoing training to all management/supervisory employees as needed and/or required,
    • providing individualized support and assistance to all management/supervisory employees, and
    • supporting departments’ unique needs/requests for specialized training.

    Management Core Series Training

    The following required classes are offered regularly through HR.  It's recommended that newly appointed managers and supervisors* attend all sessions within 90 days of appointment.  Attending sessions in the order listed may increase comprehension.  Each session is approximately 3 hours long including break(s).  Unless otherwise noted on the training schedule, all classes are held at Admin West/150 W. Congress, 4th Floor Training Room. 

    Click here for a list of core series classes currently open for enrollment.

    Session 1:  Introduction to Rules and Policies

    An overview on the navigation, use, application and enforcement of Merit System Rules and Personnel Policies with a brief introduction to Administrative Procedures and Board of Supervisors Policies.

    Session 2:  FLSA / FMLA / ADA

    FLSA (AP 23-40):  Addresses time worked as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as well as the reporting and payment requirements for non-exempt employees.

    FMLA (AP 23-37):  A general overview of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) processes with procedural guidance specific to Pima County.  Also covers how to interact with employees who are on (or in need of) FML.

    ADA (AP 23-29):  An explanation of how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) works in practice, with emphasis on unique terms and concepts; covers the responsibilities of both employees and departments during the ADA Reasonable Accommodation process. 

    Session 3:  Positive & Progressive Discipline  (MSRs 12-14, PP 8-115, AP 23-13)

    An introduction to the rules, policies and procedures that govern progressive discipline, mediation,grievances and appeals (and related documentation) within Pima County.  Affords new managers and supervisors the opportunity to proactively familiarize themselves with these processes.

    Session 4:  Performance Management  (MSR 15)

    An overview of the structure and practical application of the 3 part performance management system.

    Visit Performance Management for related forms.

    Session 5:  Harassment Prevention  (BOS Policies D 21.2 & D 21.3)

    Managers and Supervisors are required to attend Sexual & Workplace Harassment Prevention training upon appointment and triennially thereafter pursuant to Board Policies and a Superior Court mandate.

    Session 6: Workplace Violence / Workplace Bullying / Workplace Ethics

    Workplace Violence Prevention (BOS Policy D 23.11):  Covers  the elements and behaviors that constitute workplace violence; reviews reporting responsibilities; addresses the relationship to workplace harassment and domestic violence; clarifies roles in prevention, identification and correction.

    Workplace Bullying Prevention (BOS Policy D 23.1):  Covers the elements and behaviors that constitute workplace bullying; reviews reporting responsibilities; addresses the relationship to workplace harassment and workplace violence; clarifies roles in prevention, identification and correction.

    Workplace Ethics (BOS Policy C 2.1):  Focuses on ethical violations that are universal to the diverse work environments within the County and reviews the associated governing directives.

    *Classes may also be taken as refreshers for managers/supervisors who attended previously  

    Any questions pertaining to the topics above, that are not training related, should be discussed with Human Resources, Employment Rights, 724-8028.  
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    Training & Development

    Larry Thomas
    HR Training Officer 
    150 W. Congress St., 4th Floor 
    Tucson, AZ 85701 

    Phone: (520) 724-2777
    Fax: (520) 724-8253

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