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    Office of the Medical ExaminerThe mission of the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner (PCOME) is to provide accurate, timely, compassionate and professional death investigation services for the citizens of Pima County, Arizona. The PCOME also serves as the Medical Examiner for Cochise, Graham, La Paz, and Santa Cruz Counties.

    Core Functions

    • Postmortem examinations
    • Screen deaths for public health significance
    • Forensic Anthropology/Dentistry services
    • Certify death certificates prior to cremation
    • Approve organ/tissue for donation or transplant in cases under OME jurisdiction
    • Courtroom testimony
    • Disaster response
    • Teaching services

    See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for answers to common questions.

    Pima County Indigent Interment Program

    The County may provide cremation and burial services for persons who have died within the county for circumstances in which next of kin are financially unable to pay for arrangements or in which the decedent is unclaimed or abandoned. Please visit our Indigent Interment Program page for more information on assistance options. 

    Pima  County Indigent Cemetery:

    The Walter H. Birkby Forensic Anthropology Laboratory

    Anthropology LabThe Walter H. Birkby Forensic Anthropology Laboratory, located within the PCOME, conducts forensic anthropological analyses to determine human versus non-human remains, the medicolegal significance of human remains, and positive identifications. 

    Services provided by our Forensic Anthropologists include:
    • Anthropological processing of decomposed, partially skeletonized, and burned bodies
    • Radiological analysis
    • Skeletal analysis and inventory
    • Estimation of the biological profile
    • Skeletal trauma analysis
    • Buried body excavation
    • Human/non-human discrimination
    For information on Forensic Anthropology visit the American Board of Forensic Anthropology (ABFA) page.

    Our Forensic Anthropologists: 
    • Bruce Anderson, PhD, D-ABFA
    • Jennifer Vollner, PhD, D-ABFA
    • Caitlin Vogelsberg, PhD, D-ABFA

    In the News:

    Data Dashboards & Reports

    Data is limited to deaths reported to and certified by the PCOME. Not all deaths that occur require reporting to or investigation by the appointed Medical Examiner. The majority of natural deaths are certified by a decedent’s healthcare provider (i.e., counts of natural deaths in the PCOME dataset do not reflect the total number of natural deaths in a county).

    Data Dashboards (updated monthly)

    Please refer to our reference guide for information on how to use the PCOME data dashboards.

    Annual Reports

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    Office of Medical Examiner

    2825 E. District St.
    Tucson, AZ 85714

    (520) 724-8600

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