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    System-Wide Odor Control Program

    Over the past several years, the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (PCRWRD) has implemented a system-wide odor control plan.

    This plan includes the use of odor control infrastructure and equipment as well as monitoring equipment to continuously measure odor-causing gases. Information from monitoring equipment helps us to respond when odors become problematic at our treatment facilities. We also monitor and respond to odors generated in the sanitary sewer system. We have a team of odor control technicians who work year-round to reduce sewer and treatment facility odors.

    Once the Regional Optimization Master Plan is fully implemented in January 2015, the long-standing odors on Tucson’s Westside will be greatly reduced.

    Since 2007, an investment in excess of $10 million has been expended on the system-wide odor control program.

    Odor control improvements in the sanitary sewer system are ongoing. Odor control in Pima County's subregional facilities are also a high priority for RWRD. Through the Regional Optimization Master Plan, state-of-the-art odor control technology is an integral part of the upgraded and expanded Tres Ríos WRF and the newly-constructed Agua Nueva WRF.

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    Report Odor Problems

    The Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department is committed to mitigating odors emitted from treatment facilities and the sanitary sewerage system. We are interested in hearing from Pima County’s residents.

    Call (520) 724-3400
    to be connected to our Conveyance Division or submit an Odor Report form online.
    If you are directly impacted by sanitary sewer or treatment facility odors:

    OdoWatch Continuous Odor Monitoring (ENose) at the Roger Road WRF

    EWatchOdoWatch ENoses are monitoring devices positioned near odor sources to measure odors continuously. An alarm sounds when odors exceed a pre-set limit, and treatment plant personnel make changes, add chemicals, manipulate machinery, etc., to combat odors.

    The OdoWatch system at the Roger Road WRF was the first electronic nose odor monitoring system in the United States and has been in service since 2009. It currently includes 5 ENose sensor monitoring units.

    The OdoWatch system has resulted in much faster response times and has provided reliable data and information about odor sources, helping RWRD direct odor control efforts.


    The Regional Optimization Master Plan Continues to Implement Odor Solutions

    Biosolids FilterThe Plant Interconnect Pipeline, which will convey some flows now treated at the Roger Road facility to the Ina Road facility, was completed in December 2010 and became operational in April 2011. It includes inline odor control technologies to reduce odors.

    View project updates on the major ROMP facilities: the new Water Reclamation Campus and the expanded/ upgraded Tres Ríos facility. Both will have state-of-the-art odor control.

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