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    proc  March 7, 2017 - The Pima County Board of Supervisors issues a proclamation declaring Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to be: "PIMA COUNTY KICKS BUTTS DAY 2017."
    Pictured: Greg Rivera and Lee Itule-Klasen from the Pima County Health Department, and District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias. 

    Tobacco Prevention and CessationThe mission of the Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program is to develop partnerships and collaborations to promote a comprehensive approach to address tobacco and chronic disease.

    Why Quit Smoking?

    If you're asking this question, chances are that you have been thinking about quitting smoking or chewing tobacco for a while now. Maybe you even tried it a time or two (or three or four...) So, why are you still using tobacco?

    Many people blame lack of willpower. Others deny that they want to quit at all. We know that neither of these is the case. You know that:

    • You want to quit; 
    • You need to quit; 
    • You can quit! 

    Our program will connect you with FREE resources to quit tobacco. Call today!

    Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program

    Phone: (520) 724-7904


    Counter Strike

    When teens have easier access to tobacco, more of them will get addicted. Counter Strike is about teenagers making a difference in their community by working with local law enforcement to identify stores that sell tobacco to minors.

    Since 2002 the Attorney General’s Office has partnered with the Arizona Department of Health Services to develop and maintain the Counter Strike program. Youth volunteers in Pima County, accompanied by special investigators from the Attorney General’s Office, enter tobacco retailers and attempt to purchase tobacco products. If the retailer sells a tobacco product to the volunteer, they may be given a citation for furnishing tobacco to a minor. If the retailer refuses to sell the tobacco product to the volunteer, they are notified of the inspection and congratulated for their vigilance in keeping tobacco away from minors.

    The program’s goal is to reduce youth access to tobacco in retail outlets by systematically monitoring retailer compliance with state laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors. The program also serves to coordinate and encourage local enforcement with those laws. Over 23,000 retail inspections have been performed since the program’s inception.

    If you are interested in participating in the Counter Strike Program, please email or call
    Lee.Itule-Klasen@pima.gov, 520-724-7904.

    STAND Youth Tobacco Coalitions - Prepare, Advocacy, Involvement

    Take a STAND with us! Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) is Arizona’s anti-tobacco youth coalition effort for Arizona teens. These youth coalitions aim to reduce youth tobacco initiation and exposure to secondhand smoke through community involvement, peer education and advocating for environmental changes.

    Current STAND youth coalitions are:

    STANDIf you would like to learn more about or be a part of a grassroots movement with STAND, please contact us at 520-724-8619 or visit STAND online at:

    Arizona Retailer Tobacco Training

    Information and Registration

    ASHLine Ask, Advice, Refer Training

    The Ask, Advise, Refer (AAR) training is offered in partnership with the Arizona Smokers Help Line (ASHLine). This training can be set up at any worksite, agency or organization in an effort to proactively refer residents who are ready to quit tobacco.

    The AAR training will allow you to:
    • Make direct referrals with a personalized quit fax form
    • Track referrals made
    • Receive monthly referral reports
    Phone: (520) 724-7904
    Website: http://ashline.org/
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