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Pima County and its consultants, as developer and manager of this web site, have taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its computer systems and networks, including, but not limited to, individual authentication, the securing of transmitted data, and monitoring security. Security methods and measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day practices of the entire web site. This, however, is no guarantee that these security measures cannot be violated

Disclosure of gathered data

Pima County does not sell, trade or rent Pima County web site visitor information, including electronic mail addresses, to any outside company or organization. Pima County will not disclose personally identifiable information or credit/debit card information to third parties, except for the purposes of completing your payment transaction through a secured financial network or to collection agencies.

Pima County may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information, or credit/debit card data, to the appropriate governmental authorities as required by law.

If you provide personal information, the federal Privacy Act of 1974 may protect it. However, this information may be considered public record, and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal law or state law.

Third party information gathering

Pima County does not allow third parties to gather information from users of its web sites.